Top 14 Best Age of Ishtaria Alternative In 2022

Best and most demanding Age of Ishtaria alternative will be discussed in this article. Age of Ishtaria is a single-player, multiplayer, anime, card, strategy, and action-adventure video game that belongs to Parade Games. In this variation, you must choose a female fighter, engage in numerous battles, and emerge triumphant while kicking the enemy in the ass. Set off on your quest, confront several bosses with a variety of fighting techniques, inventive attack combos, and a great deal of experience, and then face off against foes and beat them in turn-based combat.

There is a tonne of loot to find, a wide range of characters to adopt, and hundreds of cards with special playable characters like Assur, Masada, Ahash, and Karkemish are available. Each of them has unique skills, gear, rank, and attacking ability. Create a strong hero deck, take on your friends online, and win both PVE and PVP battles by using your deck to your advantage. Additional features include scene-specific soundtracks, 2-dimensional display, realistic graphics in the arcade style, and real-time effects.

Top 14 Best Age of Ishtaria Alternative in 2022

Top 14 Best Age of Ishtaria Alternative are explained here.

1. KARDS: The World War II Card Game

KARDS: The World War II Card Game

KARDS: Owned by 1939 Games, the World War II Card game is a single-player, multiplayer, and collectible card video game. The card version centres on the concept of World War 2, which lasted from 1939 to 1945. You must manage your cards, assemble a deck of potent aircraft, and triumph in battle. The game starts with the distribution of cards so that you can use tanks and weapons to outwit your opponents while engaging in digital combat.

This card-based game will enable you to subdue your opponents over time using a variety of card-building techniques and original tactics. Create a plan, follow it, and form an alliance to destroy your adversaries. Play online fights with friends, take the victory, manage your deck by arranging the cards in the order shown on the picture, and gain points to go up the leaderboard. Also check anime studios

2. Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering

Action-adventure, collectible, and trading card video game Magic: The Gathering was produced by Wizards of the Coast. The game features Single and Multiplayer Modes along with a combination of fantasy, battle, turn-based, and 3D aspects. The game allows you to build a strong deck of powerful cards and enter the gaming world while taking place in the fictional continent of Alara. You can play the part of Garruk and employ various cards to beat your adversary.

You must succeed in a multiplayer fight booster to add more cards to your collection. You can compete against your pals in the game and display the power of your deck. Engage in turn-based battle and use clever play to vanquish your adversaries. Each card in the game has a special set of qualities, powers, and skills. Build your Deck, Question your Friend, a Battle Across the Planes, Learn Magic, and other essential elements make up Magic: The Gathering.

3. Shovel Knight: King of Cards

Shovel Knight: King of Cards

Action-Adventure, Turn-based, 2D platformer, and single-player video game Shovel Knight: King of Cards was created and published by Yacht Club Games. The adventure game’s plot centres on a knight who protects his realm from evil forces and strives to preserve its honour and dignity. The tactical version offers various settings in which you must complete all the objectives and defeat enormous beasts to advance and get all the rewards. This is another Age of Ishtaria alternative.

To defeat the opponents along the journey, gather several boosters, increase your stamina, and update your toolkit. The online environment offers you a variety of jousts to develop your competitiveness and earn rewards by taking on other players. The independent version of this action game, in which you will beat your foes and make your kingdom better, has been declared to be the game’s final iteration.

4. ManaRocks: Seasonal Card Game

ManaRocks: Seasonal Card Game

RockGames is the owner of the Card-Strategy, Indie, Single-player, and Massively Multiplayer game ManaRocks: Seasonal Card Game. The independent version is designed to allow you to play various card games in internet mode with your buddies. Play against random users, defeat them on the same field of combat by gathering cards, constructing decks, and devising battle plans.

This card version features a variety of challenges, including player vs. player matches, traditional battles, and seasonally-specific events. You can utilise different cards to defeat opponents, open up new stages, and advance in epic fights by using the characters on them to imprint the effects of their power during the combat. Challenge a player online in 2v2 mode, and defeat them by employing various fighting strategies. This kind of card games also includes new heroes with new boosters, point-and-click functionality, and action-related sound effects.

  1. Star Crusade CCG

Star Crusade CCG

A free to play, strategy, massively multiplayer online, and collectible card game called Star Crusade CCG was developed and released by ZiMAD Inc. In this action-packed Sci-Fi and amazing space video game, players can command one of six space factions and engage in combat with other online gamers. The game focuses on card and deck battle as well as thrilling particular strategies. The player must first establish his community and authority. Also check best anime on netflix

The player takes control of his commander force, which will fight against expense control, after establishing the community. The Star Crusade CCG provides a variety of resources to aid in the player’s ability to draw cards for his hands. The game’s essential features include unlockable achievements, a customizability option, more than 400 Cards, numerous difficult Missions, Upgrades, improved gaming mechanics, an outstanding plot, and stunning graphic details.

6. Storm Wars

Storm Wars

A free to play, collectible card, design, war, single-player, and multiplayer video game is called Storm Wars. One of the best card games, it features fantastic visual elements and intense, fairly fascinating action. More than 150 powerful, one-of-a-kind cards that the player can select based on his characteristics and talents are included in the game, along with an infinite number of decks and twelve distinctive characters. This is another Age of Ishtaria alternative.

In single-player manner, the participant can explore the expansive fantasy game world, choose his race, and engage in combat with the well-programmed AI. In tournaments and one-on-one mode, the player can also play the game with other people.

7. Infinity Wars

Infinity Wars

Lightmare Studios is the developer and publisher of the turn-based strategy, collectible, and trading card game Infinity Wars. It’s an excellent video game that lets you fully immerse yourself in the distinctive gaming universe. Eight factions are available in the game, and the player can select any of them to begin missions aimed at taking out other players. One of the best card games, it features a 3D battlefield with exquisitely animated cards, more than 800 unique cards, a wide variety of decks, and more.

In order to advance in the game, the player might use his special cards to engage in fight with the opposition. The game’s standout features include Deckbuilding, Unlimited Card Trading, Multiple Game Modes, Beautiful Game World, Upgrades, Achievements, stunning aesthetics, engrossing and rather impressive gameplay, great mechanics, and good plot. Comparing it to other products in the same genre, it is among the top collectible and trading card products.

8. Wario Land 4

Wario Land 4

Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance action-adventure, 2D platformer, and single-player title Wario Land 4 is available. The plot of the 2D version revolves around the straightforward notion of a fantasy adventure and a rescue mission in which you must free the princess from the villainous Golden Diva, who has kidnapped her. By completing various tasks using available actions like jumping, running, sliding, crouching, and hacking and slashing the foes while on the voyage, you must revive her.

Set out on a solo mission, exploring various stages that each contain a new type of formidable foe, difficult terrain, and more. Amazing elements of the action context include a rustic setting with a vibrant, opulent universe, cartoonish characters, story-driven, sound-oriented gameplay with a backdrop theme of mechanics and technology. The episodic version of Super Mario is a different game with updated levels, new difficult locations, and epic confrontations against massive adversaries.

9. Legends Of Runeterra

Legends Of Runeterra

This is another Age of Ishtaria alternative. Riot Games is the publisher & developer of the collectible card, strategy, single-player, and multiplayer video game Legends Of Runeterra. The edition’s plot revolves around developing, assaulting, and defeating opponents in virtual card fights using various techniques. Select several cards, develop your strategy using the various personalities on each card, and eliminate your adversaries. Each individual character has special abilities and skills that can be used to combat strong opponents.

Use special strategies to outwit your adversary when engaging in PvP battles online with friends or complete strangers. The combat starts with the distribution of cards among the participants, and before formulating your strategy, you can trade cards with other players. Defense tokens, assault tokens, 20-point nexuses, and Zero Mana are all included in the card deck, and you must choose which card to play each round in order to outwit your opponents.

10. Eternal


DireWolf Studios created and published the collectible card, strategy, trading, single-player, and multiplayer card game known as Eternal. You will play as an online player to obtain the kingdom by combating your enemies in the casual version, which is based on the tale of contending for the everlasting throne. They are also planning how to defeat you in the next battle, but you must declare more successful plans and summon a few spells to defeat them.

With the help of your greatest shot cards and six new weaponry, you might be able to compete with other online players in multiplayer mode and earn bonus points. This free-to-play version can offer brand-new difficult updates, each with a high level of complexity to challenge your abilities. Discover new features including 200 new character cards, a prologued arena, and in-game purchases for additional tools and weapons to win battles.

11. Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals

Acute Games developed and released Urban Rivals, a strategy video game that is addictive, massively multiplayer online, collectible trading card, and single-player. It enables the player to establish his own gang and engage in frantic online competition. In the game, the player can choose their race, assemble a deck from hundreds of cards, and engage in combat. This is another Age of Ishtaria alternative.

After each battle, the game awards the player with experience points (XP). The game consists of a number of stages, and in order to advance, the player must finish each one. Each card serves as a representation of a certain character and features special powers, talents, and abilities that he can employ in combat. The player can select at random from each of the two decks of four cards at the beginning of the game.

Utilize experience points to battle foes and other online players, gather valuables, and unlock new cards. Multiple Cards, Character Classes, Different Factions, Quests, Events, Missions, and more are among the game’s primary elements. The best mechanics, most exciting and addictive action, stunning aesthetics, and excellent controls are all included in Urban Rivals.

12. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Blizzard Entertainment Inc. created and released Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, an addicting action, collectible trading card, battle, fantasy, and single-player video game. The player can carry on the position of the Legend while enjoying gameplay that combines strategy and speed. Each card in the player’s deck symbolises a different hero with their own special powers, talents, magic spells, and abilities.

Choose a race and a character, then enter the land of battle, where the player must engage in combat with AI characters in order to achieve the objectives. The player’s card collection in the game is connected to their player account, enabling them to switch between tablets and desktops.

Build Your Desk, Character Classes, Fight for Glory, Thousands of Collectible Cards, Challenging Quests, and other essential elements are available. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is the best game to play and enjoy because with its excellent mechanics, captivating and totally immersive gameplay, and excellent visuals.



This is another Age of Ishtaria alternative. Jerome Bodin created the strategy, deck-building, single-player card game Frost for Windows, MAC, and Linux. The independent version is centred on a wintertime incident where you play a leader who oversees a crew in dangerous weather. During the playtime, you will construct the deck of cards in order to guide the gang to the shelter and ensure their survival. Make sure your people are safe, then build a shelter or find a spot to live away from the dangerous surroundings.

Your first and foremost goal in this feature-rich edition should be to challenge the atmosphere under difficult circumstances. In the game, players can utilise a variety of characters to create and survive in the environment. Playing uncommon modes and a variety of obstacles will make you more enthusiastic and entertained. Use your wits to devise tactics and rescue your den. To survive, it’s important to gather tools, concepts, and smart movements while assembling a cast of characters.

14. Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows

Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows

Video game developer Yacht Games Club created Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows, an action-adventure, side-scrolling, platform title. This is a two-dimensional, one-player video game with a magical and wizardry-themed plot. You will assume the role of the Shovel Knight, who will save her buddy from the bad and bring her back. You must eliminate both their powerful master and the army of wicked characters that the evil has amassed. To get your companion back who was taken prisoner by the evil forces, you will battle the team and kill everyone. This is another Age of Ishtaria alternative.

When you continue to engage in combat with foes and prevail, the travelling Shovel knight will feel at rest. Utilize your abilities to keep everything under control while tracking down your pals’ footprints within the five chances you have at your disposal. When battling several characters in this game, melee attacks and double leap are featured. You can take control of the fortress in this 2D game and amass gems, gold, and other items.

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