Top 15 Best Anime Character Creator In 2022

Best and demanding  anime character creator will be described in this article. Konnichiwa!! If you are visiting this page in search of the Best Anime Character Creator, you must be a die-hard anime enthusiast. Is there an excuse for not being? With every passing day, anime’s popularity has been soaring. Anime is now adored by practically everyone due to its colourful graphics and unusual art style. There are plenty of events that demonstrate how well-liked it is among the general public, from Cosplay exhibitions to social media anime fan pages.

Everyone is seeking for a means to get their hands on something that demonstrates their appreciation for manga because of its rapidly growing popularity. It takes a lot of effort for artists to create an anime character that people admire; it is not a simple undertaking. Even if you’re not artistic, you can create your own original anime characters thanks to modern technologies. Sounds intriguing, yes? Let’s explain anime to you if you are unfamiliar with it in any way.

Describe anime.

In essence, anime is a hand-drawn or computer-generated art medium that has its roots in Japan. The present type of art, which can be traced back to 1907, began to take shape in the 1960s, but it existed’t until the creation of Mobile Suit Gundam and Dragon Ball Z in the late 1980s that it began to get international recognition.

Some of the most well-known anime in recent years include Attack on Titan, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Pokemon.

Why would you need a character maker for anime online?

The fervent following of anime is what has made it so popular. It simply seems to be getting bigger and bigger as each day goes by. Everyone wants to show off on social media that they are the biggest manga lover there is in the world. Why then do you remain? Numerous free anime character creation tools are available to assist you in creating the anime character of your choice. With the resource of this software, you may create an anime character to display your love of the anime as your profile picture or on any other platform of your choice.

Which online anime character builders are the best?

Due to its enormous popularity, which has grown over the past several years, there are many programmes online that let you make full-body anime characters that you can post on social media.

Quick List of the Top Online Anime Character Designers?

For fans of anime and manga, The Best Anime Character creator is a must-have. You may develop your own anime character or an avatar of yourself to post on social media to demonstrate your enthusiasm for anime with an excellent anime character creator.

Top 15 Best Anime Character Creator In 2022

Top 15 Best Anime Character Creator are explained here.

1. Crypko Free Avatar Maker

Crypko Free Avatar Maker

Maker of Free Anime Avatars. One of the most profitable anime character generators that employs Generative Adversarial Network to produce anime faces like a pro is Crypko Free Avatar Maker. You may build an original anime facial avatar using this character generator for anime.

Additionally, you may buy Crypko cards with this software, which assist you in building a premium anime avatar of your choice. By combining those cards, you can produce more advanced anime avatars. If you’re seeking for a free one, it can be a beneficial anime character maker.

Key Elements of Crypko

  • Automatic avatar creation: Crypko creates anime avatars for you based on your specifications.
  • Employs GAN: To produce excellent anime avatars, Crypko employs the Generative Adversarial Network.
  • Crypko cards: This anime or Waifu maker’s Crypko cards are a helpful feature that enables you to acquire better outcomes and more possibilities.
  • Free: Crypko is a widely used anime avatar generator because it is free to use.


  • It yields excellent results.
  • Using many Crypko cards boosts performance.
  • It makes use of GAN to provide a superior result.


  • It focuses on business-related activities

2. MakeGirlsMoe


2D anime creator for private use

Another AI-powered anime character generator called MakeGirlsMoe lets you create lovely 2D anime girl models. It is a top-notch waifu maker that Fudan University, Stony Brook University, Tongji University, and Carnegie Mellon University worked on together.

If you want to completely personalise your anime character, MakeGirlsMoe might be a fantastic character. It can only be used for non-commercial purposes. It enables you to make use of all the options at your disposal to produce the anime you want. With MakeGirlsMoe, you may alter the hair’s colour to match the head’s ribbon.

Key attributes of MakeGirlsMoe

  • Several options for customization: MakeGirlsMoe offers a variety of options for customization that let you change practically every aspect of your anime character.
  • Automatic anime generation: Using the uploaded portrait as a starting point, this AI creates anime characters automatically.
  • Free to use: Users of MakeGirlsMoe may do so without paying any money.


  • There are numerous choices for personalization.
  • Because anime generation is totally automated, it is simple to use.
  • There is no fee required to use any of the features.


  • There is no preview option available.


Online tool for creating anime characters can be a wonderful choice for you if you’re seeking for an online anime character designer that offers a wide variety of customising possibilities. You can completely create your character on

Unlike other random anime character generators, which only let you build facial avatars, lets you construct a full-body anime character. A wide variety of customization choices, including those for clothing, accessories, eye colour, and hair length, are also included. However, it should be mentioned that a girl character’s customisation possibilities are better made.

Create unique icons and avatars using this anime character generator. You can express your love for anime on one of the many anime networks that are available worldwide.

Characteristics of

  • Features that are nicely designed: has a number of features that are beautifully developed.

It has a wide variety of choices, which makes it among the greatest online tools for creating anime characters.

  • Full body custom anime characters: enables the creation of full body anime characters.


  • It has numerous thoughtful features.
  • In comparison, it provides a lot more alternatives.
  • You can use it to make full-body anime characters.
  • Excellent for business purposes


  • There are fewer customising possibilities for male characters than for female characters.
  • The user interface is not intuitive.
  • On occasion, options will only display in Japanese.

4. Cartoonify


Online tools for cartooning oneself. This is the ideal tool for you if you want to customise your social media handles with your cartoonized profile pictures. You may use it to design your own unique cartoon avatar from start, and it’s completely free. This is another alternative of anime character creator.

You may customise it with more than 300 different options to make your avatar exactly how you want it to be. You can alter the background, clothing, background colour, and even the eye and hair colours. What more do we require? Have I already stated that it’s free?

Features of Cartoonify

  • 300+ customization possibilities: Cartoonify offers more than 100 options for modification, allowing you to be as imaginative as you like.
  • User-friendly: Cartoonify has a straightforward interface that makes it easy to use.
  • No charge: All of the options are free to use.
  • Permits modifications: You are free to make as many changes to your character as you like.


  • Simple interface that is friendly to users
  • Numerous options for customising
  • You can change the formation of your avatar.
  • Users are not charged.
  • It accepts masculine characters as well


  • Is not aesthetically pleasing

5. Character Creator

Character Creator

To make cool characters, use an online anime character.

Another online anime character builder that enables customising the provided character is this one. While it does not permit the creation of characters from scratch, it does offer many choices such as the character to add wings and pets that other alternatives do not.

When you are completed, you can save your model in the PNG or SVG formats and utilise it later. The multiple useful part is that it’s free to use and has a tonne of intriguing features you won’t find in other software.

Creator of Characters: Key Features

  • Interesting customization: Character maker provides a tonne of possibilities for modification, such as bat-wing and bone wing, which makes it a popular choice for anime fans.
  • Supports saving in PNG and SVG formats: You can save your personalised anime character in PNG or SVG format for usage at a later time.


  • Offers a variety of features
  • Simple PNG and SVG file saving


  • Restricts your use to the available characters only
  • Sometimes, female characters are overly muscular

6. Avatar Maker: Anime

Avatar Maker: Anime

The iOS and Android app “Anime Character Creator”. For iOS and Android users, there is a helpful anime character software called Avatar Maker: Anime. Your imagination is not constrained by it because you can combine different elements to make characters that fit any genre. Also check animefreak alternatives

It provides you with more than 10,000 characters and a wide range of customising choices, which undoubtedly sparks your imagination. You can include the characters from your manga into your own stories or your profile image.

Avatar Maker: Anime’s Highlights

  • Device compatibility: Avatar Maker: Anime works with both iOS and Android smartphones.
  • More than 10,000 characters: The Avatar Maker gives you access to more than 10,000 characters, allowing you to design characters that fit your genre.

Flexible colour possibilities and a wide variety of accessories are offered by Avatar Maker, allowing users to build wonderful, bright characters.


  • It functions with Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Offers a wide variety of characters that fit into many genres.
  • Offers a variety of accessories and adjustable colour options to encourage creativity.


  • Some users find the interface it employs to be a little boring.

7. SuperMe


A female-targeted anime character creation tool. SuperMe is an anime character creation tool that is specifically made for girls and is accessible to iOS and Android users.

Many MOE materials are provided by SuperMe, enabling you to give your character the desired expression. This anime character generator AI definitely has an advantage over other software since in addition to producing intriguing anime characters, you can talk with people on this app.

It is really simple to use and offers lots of versatility for making cool anime characters.

SuperMe’s Primary Features

  • Device compatibility: Because SuperMe works with both iOS and Android smartphones, it is available to a wide audience.
  • Abundance of MOE resources: It has a tonne of MOE resources that let you give your character expressions.
  • Conversation feature: It has a chat feature that makes using it enjoyable.
  • Share Option: Using this software, you may post your produced avatar on Facebook and other social media sites.


  • It is extremely accessible and works with both Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Your character can have a lot of expression.
  • You can speak to your friends about anime characters and share them with them.
  • It is free.


  • The fact that some of its features are only available in Chinese makes it challenging for other users.
  • The characters that are provided cannot be changed very much.

8. Avachara


Online Anime Character Maker

You can design your own original anime characters using Avachara.

You can create your avatar however you want; you are not even need to submit photographs. Simply choose the gender and add features in accordance with your preferences.

To make your character look cooler, it also includes a tonne of accessories like spectacles, caps, and instruments. Even while it is possible, creating a character from scratch takes some time.

The Essentials of Avachara

  • Character creation from scratch: Avachara offers the entertaining feature of character creation from begin.
  • A range of accessories: You can add more accessories to your character to make them appear cool.
  • Supports male characters: In contrast to other anime character generators, this one also supports male characters.


  • A character can be made from scratch.
  • It offers a variety of tools and accessories to help you create a cool character.
  • It also gives male characters a lot of customisation choices.


  • Creating a fully realised character takes a lot of work.
  • Some alternatives are poorly constructed.

9. Factory for Avatar

Factory for Avatar

Free cute anime character maker application

You may create cute anime characters using Factory For Avatar, an online anime maker that is accessible on Android smartphones.

You can design your own avatar or create an entirely new character. A headshot of an anime character can be made, as well as their entire body. Additionally, you can make personalised stickers and post them on social media. This is another alternative of anime character creator.

It’s a really wonderful alternative for you because you can provide your character facial features and elegant clothes. But this programme only makes use of one classification bundle. Therefore, if it comes from a separate bundle, you must download it each time.

Key Features Of The Factory For Avatar

  • Lots of stickers: This app has a tonne of cute stickers that are entertaining to use.
  • Many customization options: It has many customization options that enable you to always create a distinctive character.
  • Personalized backdrop: You may also alter the background to suit your tastes.


  • Using the stickers is a lot of fun.
  • Enables you to build a character from scratch and your own.
  • It also enables you to change the backgrounds of the characters.


  • Each time you wish to use an element from a different bundle, you must download it first.

10. Bitmoji


2020’s top anime character creator

Since 2020, Bitmoji has been one of the most widely utilised and well-liked tools for creating anime characters online. On this platform, you may make your avatar and share it with your friends on social media.

In addition, it has a vast selection of entertaining stickers that you can use to spice up your discussions.

Bitmoji’s Core Qualities

  • Accessible on all devices: The Bitmoji app is accessible on Android and iOS mobile devices. The PC performance is also available for free testing.
  • Wide selection of stickers: You can utilise a variety of stickers in your chats using Bitmoji’s extensive sticker collection.
  • Cost-free: Bitmoji is free to use on computers and devices.


  • It works with PCs as well as iOS and Android smartphones.
  • The wide selection of vibrant stickers is profitable
  • There is no charge for it.


  • It has material that is not acceptable for children.



Anime character creation tool online. One of the most well-known websites for creating full-body anime characters is It has every option you’ll require to create a special and interesting character. This is another alternative of anime character creator.

It is very fascinating because you can give your characters a variety of unique features, such as a birthmark or flaw. At FaceYourManga, all of the services are free. Your character can even be printed and delivered to your house. On this site, you may also create stickers that you can post on social media.

Features on

  • Full-body character: You may build full-body anime characters with this free online tool for creating anime characters.
  • Extra characteristics: There are many special features you may add to your character to make them stand out as much as possible.
  • An extra service is the ability to print your customised character and have it delivered to your home.
  • Free service: is available to you without charge.


  • You can build an anime character with their entire body.
  • You may give your character a tonne of unique traits.
  • Your character can be printed and sent to your home.
  • You can obtain numerous stickers with it.


  • This platform doesn’t have many flaws.

Pricing at

Use of is completely free.


12. Portrait illustrations Maker

Portrait illustrations Maker

Anime Character Maker for Free. One of the greatest ways to make a distinctive anime character is probably with Portrait Illustration Maker. Also check 9Anime 

With the benefit of this anime character maker, you can build an anime character from scratch, completely free of charge. Additionally, it has an intriguing function called “Randomizer” that enables you to create arbitrary anime avatars. Even if it lacks intriguing features like, it nonetheless serves your purpose.

Key Features of a Portrait Illustration Maker

  • Randomizer: This tool allows you to create random anime avatars that you can then modify.
  • Character creation from beginning: Using this platform, you may start from scratch and create any anime character you like.
  • Cost-free: The use of Portrait Illustration Maker is entirely free.


  • The randomizer function is useful for producing original characters.
  • It also enables the creation of original characters.
  • There are no fees associated with its service.


  • The outcome is less appealing than other websites.

13. Custom Anime

Custom Anime

Best Online Anime Character Maker

This is another alternative of anime character creator. One of the multiple popular websites for making anime characters online is Custom Anime. You have complete control over your character with custom anime since you may alter their body types, hair colours, clothing styles, and more. You can customise the avatar in a variety of ways to make it precisely how you want.

The avatar you make is also available for download in JPG format for your use, and everything is completely free.

Custom Anime Highlights

  • Full-body character: Using this platform, you may design full-body anime characters from scratch.
  • Exciting customization possibilities: Custom Anime enables you to make any changes you like. You can alter a character’s physical parts as well as their overall shape.
  • Simple to share: JPG file types are available for download for the developed avatars.


  • A full-body character can be made.
  • Numerous customization options that enable you to develop a distinctive character
  • enables you to share and save avatars.


  • Few defects have yet been discovered.

14. My Blue Robot

My Blue Robot

Best Anime Character Generator AI

We’ve already completed more than half of our list, so allow me to introduce the MY Blue Robot. It is a totally free AI character generator for anime that is quite useful.

You can generate original anime avatars without charge with this tool for generating anime. It offers a variety of customisation options that produce fascinating results. You can give your character almost any customization you want. You can alter their looks by picking out their clothes and, most importantly, by enlarging their eyes to make them appear cuter. This is another alternative of anime character creator.

To give your figures a distinctive personality, you may also tilt their heads. On social media sites, the characters can be shared.

Features of My Blue Robot

  • User-friendly: Making a character on My Blue Robot is a cinch.
  • Numerous customization possibilities: To make your character stand out, My Blue Robot gives you several options for modification.
  • Unique features: This platform includes tools that let you enlarge the eyes and tilt the heads of your characters.


  • My Blue Robot is simple for beginners to operate.
  • It enables you to give your character standout traits.
  • There is no cost at all to use this programme.


  • The finished products resemble cartoons more than animes.

15. Picassohead


Maker of Free Anime Avatars. Picassohead is an excellent option if you’re seeking for a free online anime producer. This software, which was created especially for people who enjoy Picasso’s aesthetic, enables you to give your avatar a little Picasso flair. Also check PutLocker

Using this software, you may also make copies of Picasso’s drawings. Despite being a fantastic tool, it may limit users’ creativity when they are attempting to produce something original.

Picassohead Featured Items

  • Drag-and-drop capabilities: Picassohead allows you to drag and drop facial components to your avatars.
  • Numerous browsing options: Picassohead offers access to more than 1 million artworks posted online.
  • Simple saving: You can quickly upload your avatars to the website’s gallery or send them via email.


  • The drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to use.
  • Access to millions of works of art to peruse and make unique avatars.
  • The simple method for saving and sharing your avatars.


  • It’s excellent, but only for Picasso fans

Final Verdict

The popularity of anime is growing, and as a result, so are the social activities that surround them. Due to this rising popularity, there are an increasing number of anime and waifu creators on the internet. Assuming you are a Weeb because you came all this way, you could be perplexed about the greatest online anime character maker. I’ll clear this up for you.

Depending on your needs, or MakeYoursGirels Moe may be the perfect option for you. If you’re searching for a platform that will allow you to make a customised anime character and utilise it to express your love for anime, then that’s the answer. Avatar Maker or Character Creator is the ideal if you want to make your own manga with your own characters. You should choose if Waifus are what you require.

Since there are more and more anime enthusiasts in the world, why not tell them how passionate you are about anime. Pick one of these top creators of anime characters to represent your love of anime to the world. Please sense free to ask us any remaining queries in the comment section below. Thank you very much!

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