Top 20 Anime Characters Born in February

Best and most popular Anime Characters Born in February will be discussed in this article. Think yourself fortunate if you were born in February.

You’re curious about these incredible anime characters who were born in the same year or month as you.

We’ll tell you about the top anime characters born in February or with birthdays in February in this post and ask you which ones are your favourites.

Top 20 Most Popular Anime Characters Born in February

Top 20 Most Popular Anime Characters Born in February are explained here.

1. Mayuri Shina

Mayuri Shina

February 1st birthday;

Adorable, Innocent, and Caring traits


Gate anime appearances. Also check anime series of all time

2. Jotaro Kujo

Born on February

; qualities include kindness, toughness, and coolness;

anime appearances include JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

3. Koji Koda

Koji Koda

Birthday: February 1

Traits: Shy, Kind, and Cute

Anime Appearances: My Hero Academia

4. Rem

February 2nd birthday

Adorable, caring, loving, strong, and cute qualities

Anime Appearances: Re

: Zero-Starting Life in Another World

5. Nefertari vivi

February 2 birthdate

Kind, kind, and slightly aggravating traits

One Piece anime appearances.

6. Rin Matsuoka

Rin Matsuoka

Date of Birth: February 2; Personality: Handsome, Adorable, and Annoying

Free appearances in anime! Also check anime for beginners

Iwatobi Swimming Club

7. Killer

February 2 birthdate

Ruthless, loyal, and weird character traits

One Piece anime appearances

8. Rin Tohsaka

February 3 birthdate

Tsundere, strong, and mature qualities

Fate anime appearances

9. Nishio Nishiki

Born on February 4, has the traits of being bully, lovable, and caring.

Tokyo Ghoul appears in anime.

10. Haruki Fujioka

Haruki Fujioka

February 4th birthday

Analytical, Honest, Cute,

Bleach Anime Appearances

11. Zeldris

February 5 birthdate

Strong, haughty, and cool traits

The Seven Deadly Sins anime appearances.

12. Nico Robin

born on February 6; characteristics include intelligence, maturity, and attractiveness; anime appearances: One Piece

13. Nico Olivia

Born on February 6

characteristics include intelligence, loveability, and caring

anime appearances include One Piece.

14. Sagaru Yamazaki

February 6th birthday

Cowardly, lovable, and funny traits

Gintama anime appearances

15. Giyu Tomioka

February 8th birthday

Lonely, Strong, and Stoic traits

Demon Slayer: Anime Appearances

16. Mikasa Ackerman

Birthday: February 8

Characteristics: Strong, Caring (except for Naruto), and Loves to Smoke

Anime Appearances: Naruto.

17. Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Date of Birth: February 10; Personality: Kuudere, Adorable, Stron. This is another anime characters born in february.

Attack on Titan appearances in anime

18. Tobi

February 10th birthday

Mysterious, Miserable, and Strong

Naruto, Naruto Shippuden anime appearances

19. Soi Fon

February 11th birthday

Strong, hot, and tomboyish traits

Bleach anime appearances.

20. Yachiru Kusajishi

Yachiru Kusajishi

Born on February 12

characteristics include cuteness, impulsivity, and caringness

anime appearances include Bleach.

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