Top 11 Best Recommended Anime Like Shikimori

Best and most recommended Anime Like Shikimori will be described in this post. As soon as the anime adaptation of Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie was announced for 2021, it was certain to be an excellent one. The name is self-explanatory.

Shikimori, Izumi’s girlfriend, is cool in addition to being cute. She also stands guard over her partner. They are so close that they even know one other’s moms and fathers.

This feature transforms the anime into a real romance free of filler and centred on the growth of their healthy connection.

Top 11 Best Recommended Anime Like Shikimori’s In 2022

Top 11 Best Recommended Anime Like Shikimori’s are explained here.

1. Tonikaku KAWAII

Tonikaku KAWAII

One of the loveliest anime shows is Tonikaku Kawaii, an all-romance anime series. From the very first episode, both characters are involved. Also check tioanime

Both characters in this anime decide to be married and go one step further by getting engaged!

When TRUCK KUN tries to kill Nasa Yuzaki, a red-haired girl named Tsukasa Tsukiyomi intervenes to save him. the same way Shikimori shielded Izumi in episode 1.

This establishes the framework for the engagement, the couple’s subsequent move in together, and the development of their happy relationship in a slice-of-life style going forward.

2. Kaguya Sama: Love Is War

Kaguya Sama

Like Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie, Kaguya Sama is an original love story.

There are two protagonists in this anime that have feelings for one another within the student council. These individuals are Shirogane and Kaguya.

They both strive to outdo each other by encouraging the other to reveal their sentiments since they are both too proud to realize they are feeling anything and don’t want to be the first to do so. both directly and indirectly This is another anime like shikimoris alternative.

Although it’s essentially a small-scale romance, the execution is amazing. This method allows it to be enjoyed even when the romance isn’t its strongest aspect.

3. Banished From The Hero’s Party

Banished From The Hero's Party

Rit, a blonde princess, and Red, an ex-adventurer who collaborated with his sister and a group of companions, are the main characters in Banished From The Hero’s Party.

Red resolves to live a quiet life in the country after one of his party members comes up with a reason to get rid of him. Rit, a girl he hasn’t seen in a while, makes the decision to go with him.

Since they are already acquainted, their romance develops quickly but not too quickly. They work together to offer items and potions to a variety of clients at their firm. Also check animeflix

Although there is some action and violence in this anime, the romance plays a significant role in why it is wholesome and laid-back.

4. Horimiya


The name Horimiya says it all. The anime’s female main character is named Hori, and the male lead is named Miyamura. Miyamura appears too reclusive, cautious, and odd from the outside to be approached.

When Hori is absent one day, Miyamura assists one of her siblings; he then encounters Hori. He modifies his hairstyle so she won’t immediately notice. This is another anime like shikimoris alternative.

Following their increased contact and friendship, they later develop a romantic relationship. A major feature of spring 2021 was it.

Fans of Shikimori will appreciate the sincere romance.

5. My Bride Is A Mermaid

My Bride Is A Mermaid

My Bride Is A Mermaid and Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie have a lot in common. According to modern standards, this anime is an early 2000s classic.

One day while at the beach, Nagasumi Michishio ventures into the water. The next thing he knows, a mermaid has saved his arse from drowning. This is another anime like shikimoris alternative.

He awakens at Sun Seto’s “lair,” where her family—many of whom are Yakuza and gangsters—resides. According to mermaid law, any humans that they encounter must be killed.

The other option is to wed that individual.

This is how Nagasumi and Sun Seto became engaged and continue their love, despite her envious father’s attempts to have Nagasumi killed and buried six feet deep.

6. Gamers


An absurd anime series called Gamers features some outrageous humour, comedy, and romantic mishaps. Almost all of the characters—including female ones—are gamers.

One of the hotties at school is Karen Tendou, a blonde. She is helpful, friendly, and moderately intelligent. She even has her own routine each day and has usually healthy lifestyle choices.

She is a gamer as well, so when the male MC Keita Amano spots her in a gaming store, their future romance begins to take shape.

This anime will gratify you if you’re looking for something otaku-focused. And the humour really stands out.

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7. Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children is love on an all-out high. In this anime, there are many characters that are simultaneously beginning romances, therefore there isn’t simply ONE pair. This is another Anime Like Shikimori alternative.

Each character is unique, and as a result, so is their romantic adventure. And the anime makes what would be wholesome look to be funnier than it actually is by using humour to break the ice. Also check jkanime

You either love it or despise this style of romance anime.

8. Engaged To the Unidentified

Engaged To the Unidentified

One of the oddest titles out there has to be Engaged To The Unidentified. But as the story twist is disclosed, everything makes sense.

A 16-year-old girl named Kobeni has a crazy elder sister named Benio who also has a sister complex. She is outrageous but hilarious. This is another Anime Like Shikimori alternative.

Unannounced visitors a boy and a girl are coming to stay, and Kobeni’s mother says she wants Kobeni to get married or at the very least get engaged to the boy named Hakuya.

Kobeni is understandably unsatisfied, but as she gradually warms up to Hakuya (and vice versa), their connection begins to shine.

This anime would be the one that most definitely deserves a second season.

9. Skilled Teaser Takagi

Skilled Teaser Takagi

Expert Teaser As far as romance and slice-of-life animes go, Takagi is the cuter kind of wholesome anime. The individuals are younger.

Takagi, in particular, enjoys making fun of the guy she likes, though not to the same degree as Nagatoro (it’s teasing, not bullying). She also enjoys seeing his reactions.

Although this serves as the anime’s foundation, things have advanced significantly over the course of its three seasons. This is another Anime Like Shikimori alternative.

10. Clannad


Clannad will round up this discussion.

It is one of the most heartfelt romance anime ever produced, and it was produced in the 2000s by Kyoto Animation. Moreover, a traditional slice of life.

Tomoyo Okazaki becomes friendly with Nagisa Furukawa, and the other way around. They attend the same university, and by the second season, their relationship has advanced beyond that of a typical romantic comedy. This is another Anime Like Shikimori alternative.

If you’re going to dive into this anime, be prepared since Clannad is the original “Violet Evergarden” for the depth and sad events that occur.

11. My Dress Up Darling

My Dress Up Darling

In the slice-of-life genre, My Dress Up Darling elevates romance to a new degree of wholesomeness. A girl named Marin Kitagawa identifies as an Otaku and isn’t ashamed of it. This is another Anime Like Shikimori alternative.

She particularly enjoys cosplay. He begins to use his talents to create cosplays for Marin after meeting Gojo, a man who builds dolls and runs a company doing so.

Because they are both pursuing their goals, both characters triumph, and this similarity is what brings them together.

Few people would dispute how mellow and carefree this show is, or the way it makes you feel when you watch it.

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