Top 10 Best Anime Streaming Sites In 2022

Best and most popular Anime streaming sites will be discussed in this article. There are now international audiences for Japanese anime. There are a tonne of fans of these animes all throughout the world, but mainly in the United States and Europe. But the majority of shows are only accessible online.

As a result, this article evaluated some of the top anime streaming services and ultimately listed the top ten. On a PC, Android smartphone, or iOS mobile device, these are worthwhile to try. Try MiniTool MovieMaker if you want to create your own cartoons or anime.

Top 10 Best Anime Streaming Sites In 2022

Top 10 Best Anime Streaming Sites are explained here.

1. Kissanime (Not Working)



One of the top anime websites is It puts the newest anime on the homepage and offers a tonne of amazing animations in thumbnail view. Customers can select their preferred anime category at the top of the homepage.

Videos are arranged by category when you visit the website’s anime list. You can access the video messenger by clicking the anime’s name in the menu. Ads may appear at any time, and you are unable to adjust the video’s resolution in the playback window.

2. Funimation


An animated streaming service called Funimation focuses on dubbed anime series to serve English-speaking audiences. The website provides the most recent information about anime series airing during a certain season and is notable for creating English dubs of popular anime films.

Additionally, a variety of anime series, both ongoing and finished, are available in the Funimation collection. On Funimation, users can overlook it for free with promotions or pay to eliminate them.

3. GoGoAnime


You can watch a tonne of popular animes online for free thanks to GogoAnime. This anime website supplies you with the multiple recent season’s anime’s updated plot. It is solely focused on streaming Japanese anime and offers high-quality anime movies and videos. You may also watch the English-language animated series, so you won’t need to rely on subtitles to follow along. Also check animeultima alternatives.

Additionally, the website features a part where you may always view high-quality animated films. GogoAnime is one of the leading anime streaming services that you must use if you like to watch anime.

4. 9Anime


9Anime is the upcoming anime streaming platform. According to the website, anime movies and television shows are available in ultra-high definition. It includes the multiple popular anime series in Japan. The website stands out because a section of it displays the release dates for future anime episodes.

Additionally, it features a function that lets users ask for anime to be added from a list of existing series they currently own. To speed up access, all anime series and episodes have been correctly categorised based on their respective genres.

5. AnimeFreak


The wonderful anime website AnimeFreak is a great resource for finding the numerous current anime releases, the multiple recent episodes of the anime and anime films you frequently watch, and the most recent chapters of the comics you are currently reading. The website’s alphabetical list feature makes it easy for you to navigate. Using the site’s alphabet list tool will make browsing easier.

The site offers a variety of genres from which to chose if you’re looking for new anime to watch. This website is ideal for anime fans that are otaku. Its numerous pop-up advertisements, nevertheless, might be inconvenient.

6. Hulu


One of the top anime sites for online streaming anime videos is Hulu. Numerous anime movies, TV episodes, and original Hulu programming are available on Hulu.

The website is not entirely free; you must pay a little fee in order to access select paid shows. However, a 30-day free trial is available on the website. So, before buying a plan, you can contact services.

7. MyAnimeList

Another top free anime streaming website without advertisements is MyAnimeList. The website’s user interface has made it quite well-liked by users. It provides a variety of tabs to make it simple for customers to find their preferred anime series.

It also gives a succinct synopsis of the programme. It will provide information on the series’ popularity, ratings, reviews, characters, etc. You may now watch your preferred anime series in HD with English subtitles.

8. AnimeHeaven


On our ranking of the best anime streaming websites, AnimeHeaven is totally free. All of the well-known anime series, current series, cartoons, and movies are available. Also check mangaripper alternatives

Users are able to download videos in various video quality levels. Therefore, Anime Heaven is the best option for you if you’re seeking for a website where you can both download and stream videos.

9. Anime-Planet


One of the best and most intriguing anime streaming sites is Anime-Planet. It enables you to watch your preferred anime shows and series online, similar to other anime streaming services. Additionally, it offers some fundamental details about the show you want to stream.

The fact that you may also make friends on this website is by far its biggest feature. You have the option to join the community on Anime Planet and follow other individuals who share your interests.

10. Chia- Anime

Chia- Anime

One of the leading free anime streaming websites in Japan is called Chia-Anime. In 2009, the business established a branch in Japan and has since kept its policy of offering free services to customers all over the world. Almost any anime sequence you can think of can be found here.

International viewers can access it with English subtitles and superb video quality. When viewed, videos load more quickly than other videos, without buffering, and without obnoxious advertising.

Some of the anime streaming websites mentioned above let you download your preferred anime in addition to watching anime online. It is advised to utilise MiniTool MovieMaker here if you want to create anime GIFs or anime mixed cuts using the downloaded anime.

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