Top 14 Best Alternatives To Watch Cartoons On The Interne

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1. AnimeFreak


One of the most popular anime streaming services is AnimeFreak. It’s also known as animefreaks, animefreakz, anime freak, anime freak tv,, and It provides excellent dubbed and subbed anime content, all of which is available for free. This wonderful website does not require you to spend any money in order to watch anime.

All you need is an device and an internet connection to get started. Many people like anime, and websites like AnimeFreak have a large selection of popular anime in practically every category. AnimeFreak is trusted by millions of people all around the world for anime movies, series, and TV shows.

However, one of the primary disadvantages of such free anime streaming services is that they are frequently blocked in nations. These prohibitions are imposed as a result of copyright difficulties and related challenges, and individuals subsequently seek out alternatives to such websites.

2. 9Anime



9Anime is another anime website similar to 9Anime is one of the sites recommended, and the review can be seen here. 9Anime, like other anime websites, has a simple and clutter-free interface. It offers unrestricted streaming of series shows and movies. Fortunately, you may also get free downloads of your favourite anime shows.

Along with the subtitles, there are many categories to choose from. The majority of the videos are dubbed in English, thus it is accessible to users all over the world. It is, in other words, easily accessible. Furthermore, there is no needs to register in order to download any of the anime shows on this website. If you use an VPN, you will be entirely anonymous here. As a result, more people use this site to watch anime shows from time to time.

3. PutLocker



You may now watch PutLocker as another alternative for watching anime shows. Putlocker is a popular site for not just anime but also TV shows and movies. You may find them all for free on our website. This is the site that most people are seeking for, and most users are sticking with it because it is free.

PutLocker updates and maintains the freshly released anime on a regular basis. To watch all of the anime, you must stay on this series and download all of the movies, TV shows, and anime without having to register or pay. It’s a site that’s both free to access and free to download.

If the server goes down, PutLocker also comes with mirror links to the available video. The main disadvantage of this alternative is the uncontrollable appearance of adverts and pop-ups. As a result, using a VPN and blocking software is highly suggested.

4. Anime Gogo

Anime Gogo is a popular anime streaming website with a large database. It is completely free and simple to use, allowing you to enjoy infinite streaming without being bothered by ads. The website has millions of top users across the world who can enjoy the latest anime series via fast streaming.

All of the anime series on the website are divided into categories including Anime List, New Season, Films, and Popular. Each category also has a variety of options. The content on the site is updated on a regular basis in order to deliver more and more latest content.

5. Animeheaven



Another free anime streaming service,, allows you to watch and download anime series without restriction. The site has over 3500 titles and is updated on a daily basis with new titles. Each anime series on the platform has a brief synopsis that provides background information about the characters.

It has a comment feature that allows you to converse with other viewers about anime-related topics. It, like other comparison websites, contains a variety of categories, such as Action, Adventure, Horror, Romance, and SuperPower, among others.

6. is the next fantastic alternative on the list. Even if you don’t want to register, Animeland is a great location to watch dubbed anime. It’s easy to enjoy Naruto, One Piece, Sword Art Online, and other popular anime shows by searching for them all on Animeland. All of the episodes are available online. All you have to do is uses the search box in the top-right corner of the Animeland site to look for a specific anime.

Animeland, as one of the suggested alternatives, provides users with a chat widget that allows visitors to discuss anime and provide feedback. “New Uploaded Anime” will also appear when the site has recently added a new series. This notice can be found at the site’s bottom. So you not be missing out on anything on Animeland.

7. is probably well-known among anime fans. Yes, this is a simple site that pleasantly surprises visitors with a big amount of content. If you keep looking, you will uncover more and more fantastic anime shows. is unique in that it offers both dubbed and subbed anime. New episodes can added at any time without notice. Furthermore, this option gives you several streams for each anime on the site, allowing you to watch anime without having to go to another mid-season anime streaming site. Isn’t this a fantastic site to consider?

8. Kuroani



Are you looking for sites similar to Kuroani is the only anime source that includes all of the necessary features and extras to allow you to watch anime videos with subtitles and English dubbing. When you want to know the description of each film, a brief description is also a fantastic alternative to chose.

There is also an separate tab where you may watch cartoons. Kuroani is the greatest spot to visit and stay if your children enjoy anime and cartoons.

9. AnimePlanet



Last but not least, AnimePlanet is another option for watching anime. What if I told you that AnimePlanet has a vast list of anime categories and genres to choose from, as well as TV series and a wealth of information about manga and other intriguing characters in the anime world.

To watch your favourite anime on this site, you must first sign in series to create your own library, add TV shows and movies, and chat with other users or watchers. Another aspect of AnimePlanet that you can take advantage of is the ability to learn about new TV series by using the built-in discussion and review channels.

Although certain advertisements can be irritating, there are no pop-ups because of the small size of the ads and their inability to intrude into the videos.

10. AnimeUltima.TV



Have you heard of AnimeUltime.TV before? AnimeUltima, being one of the top competitors, offers a wide range of anime from all genres without any restrictions or registration. You may simply go to the website, type in your favourite anime in the search bar, and watch it without interruption.

It is strongly advised that users create a user account in order to get the most out of AnimeUltima and enjoy viewing anime. Because of the benefits that the site offers, you will receive notifications when new episodes are added to the site, for example. Additionally, users are given the opportunity to write comments under each individual episode.

AnimeUltima, which is listed as a viable alternative for anime, features a Discord channel where you can speak about anything connected to anime and ask other users for recommendations. In short, this site not only provides you with a quick and easy way to enjoy anime, but it also provides you with more freedom to enjoy the site even more. Animeultima.TV has moved to a new domain, 11. AnimefreakTV has moved to a new domain,

Is going to be shut down? What happened to, then? Okay, so you can’t seem to find the website on the web? To watch anime online watch for free with English subtitles, you’ll need to hunt for an alternative. AnimefreakTV, a free alternative to, allows you to watch anime without ads.

11. AnimefreakTV



One of my favourite anime streaming sites is AnimefreakTV. Here you may watch anime in Full HD with English subtitles. Furthermore, AnimefreakTV is updated on a regular basis, ensuring that you are always up to date on the latest anime news. The wonderful part about this service is that it will show anime series one day after they air on TV or in Japan. With English subtitles, of course.

12. AnimeCrazy



CartoonCrazy is another wonderful alternative to; it offers a large sign of cartoons and anime shows without requiring you to register. It’s also a great option for dubbed or subtitled English movies. CartoonCrazy’s interface and user experience are superb; it isn’t difficult to use and won’t confuse you. Yes, many pop-ups and display ads will appear when you start a new tab on your browser.

13. KissAnime



KissAnime has been ones of the most popular anime streaming sites for a few years and is still one of the top alternatives. You will only be able to view this site on your cellphones, in addition to the mobile-friendly version available on this site. The mobile version includes touch-optimized features, which means it uses less bandwidth than the standard desktop version.

KissAnime also has an actives forum section where site members can discuss everything related to anime, dramas, and Japanese culture in general. If you’re an online anime fan, you can now download KissAnime and start watching your favourite anime right away.

14. Chia-Anime



Chia-Anime is the place to go if you’re seeking for a vast collection of anime and Asian dramas. Chia-Anime, for example, supplies you with the most popular anime and dorama episodes, which you may download in MP4 video file format. All of your anime and drama may be watched on your smartphone, video game console, or television. Chia-Anime offers a Facebook page where you can submit requests, provide feedback, and search for shows that have recently been added to the site.

If you’re looking for anything similar to, Chia-Anime is the greatest option because they offer a wide range of genres, including adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, and more.

In conclusion, if you enjoy anime and Asian dramas, Chia-Anime is an excellent choice. Make the most of your time by viewing your favourite anime on Chia-Anime.

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