Top 12 Best Blue Protocol Alternative In 2022

Best and most Popular Blue Protocol alternative will be discussed in this article. Blue Protocol is a single-player, anime, combat, MMORPG, action-adventure video game created and distributed by Bandai Namco. Becoming the leader of your clan, selecting your class and guiding it to glory while seeking peace, and restoring the original honour of your planet are all possible in this content. There are some time-traveling elements in the game, numerous space and time adaptations, and hundreds of adversaries to face and vanquish on the battlefields.

Change the course of your civilization, disprove all the myths and legends about it, deal with them, and restore its pride. Each of the four factions—Aegis Fighter, Blast Archers, Spellcasters, and Twin Strickers—has unique skills and abilities in their respective specialties. Utilize their abilities, moves, and combos to destroy the opponent, secure the victory, and create a brand-new tale. The realistic universe, animated characters, numerous heroes, distinctive settings, and the awards system are only a few of the gameplay’s special features.

Top 15 Best Blue Protocol Alternative in 2022

Top 15 Best Blue Protocol Alternative are explained here.



You enter the fantasy-themed world of AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG], where a large number of other players are waiting for you to make new friends and engage in difficult conflicts. The game has a multiplayer mode and offers tonnes of entertaining elements including character creation, customization, epic battles, and more. Your ultimate objective is to select your playable character from the available options, enter the hostile area to engage foes, and enjoy the action-packed combat with amazing skills, simple controls, and appealing graphics. Also check Karuta Bot

This is another Blue Protocol alternative. The game shows a combination of playing modes, including Tower Scramble, PvP, Guild vs. Guild, and more. You can play the game by creating a guide with your pals and battling other players for the title of champion. The popular elements of AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] include multiplayer content, player vs. player combat, and more. The action MMORPG AVABEL ONLINE has slick controls and beautiful graphics, making it a fun game to play.

2. Tales of Hearts R

Tales of Hearts R

For the PlayStation Vita, Bandai Namco Entertainment created the adventure, role-playing, and single-player video game Tales of Hearts R. The game’s engaging narrative centres on a young man who lives in a little village close to the sea. The protagonist, who was instructed in the skills of the sword by his grandpa, reportedly finished his training. After the protagonist has finished his training, the grandfather awards him with a special weapon called as Soma. A person’s Spirit can be tapped into by a particular weapon.

The player explores the globe from a third-person perspective, and his ultimate objective is to engage in combat with adversaries to avenge his homeland’s tranquilly. There are a number of difficult quests accessible, and each one has goals that must be met in order to reveal new content. Then, two characters set out on a quest to discover a Soma Weapon. As the plot develops, Kor promises to assist them, but a witch who comes and uses potent spells interrupts their voyage.

3. Perfect World Mobile: The Beginning

Perfect World Mobile: The Beginning

A role-playing and single-player video game called Perfect World Mobile: The Beginning transports you to a magical setting full with dangerous animals. There are six other nature classes available, and each one has a distinctive look, set of talents, and way of moving. Your ultimate purpose in the game is to travel to the Perfect World, a fascinating place where you can engage in deadly combat while learning mysteries. This is another Blue Protocol alternative.

With the ability to customise your character, you can create a unique persona and engage in combat with other players and foes to prevent the end of the planet. The third-person perspective of the game allows the player to freely travel around the world while completing a number of difficult objectives to get experience points (XPs). Numerous notable aspects of Perfect World Mobile: The Beginning include Asian Fantasy Style, Multifaceted Battles, Unlimited Battles, Revolutionary Graphics, and more.

4. Aura Kingdom 2

Aura Kingdom 2

The sequel to the first game, Aura Kingdom 2, features fully rendered 3D graphics. The game is based on aspects of MMORPG games. You can connect with other people from across the world in a setting with a fantasy theme, making new friends and putting together your army of warriors. There are four different character classes to pick from in the game’s dynamic fighting system, and each one has a particular personality, playstyle, and set of moves.

Prepare yourself to enter a genuine, enormous open-world area where a number of difficult objectives are waiting for you to complete. Your objective while playing the game is to meet over 40 people in order to collect eidolons. Core features of Aura Kingdom 2 include a Real Vast Open World Environment, the ability to collect strong eidolons, unlockable secrets, customizability, accessories, and more. Aura Kingdom 2 is a fantastic game to play and enjoy, with rainforests, easy controls, and rich graphics.

5. Dawn of Isles

Dawn of Isles

A role-playing and single-player adventure video game with a fantasy setting is called Dawn of Isles. You are about to embark on a vast journey filled with difficulties and a wealth of fascinating discoveries. The game has a colourful setting and offers a distinctive gameplay experience. You now have the option to partake in the fantasy-themed multiplayer mode with your pals.

This is another Blue Protocol alternative. The final objective of the game is to use effective elemental combos in fight to build the items you require. Start exploring the unexplored island, collecting resources with an axe and a pickaxe, and beginning construction from a space. You can develop workshops and other things to sell while playing the game. Features like Devious Foes, Tame Incredible Pets, Create Amazing Items, Build an Uncharted Island, and others are significant ones in Dawn of Isles. Dawn of Isles is a fantastic game to play with excellent gameplay, stunning graphics, and easy controls.

6. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (ROM)

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (ROM)

Role-playing and single-player video game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (ROM) was created for mobile devices by Gravity Interactive Inc. The setting of the game is a fantasy-themed universe where various gamers from across the world are free to travel and perform objectives. As you play, you’ll come across new views and graphical enhancements that will keep you interested for countless entertaining hours.

There are numerous playable characters, and each one has a distinct look and set of abilities. You must go out on a journey to complete difficult objectives in order to gain in-game points after choosing your character. The game comes out with additional character information, feelings, customizations, and other things. Fight against foes in a fantasy environment where other gamers are looking for you to befriend. Significant aspects of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (ROM) include 3D graphics, excellent mechanics, and precise controls.

7. Dragon Storm Fantasy

Dragon Storm Fantasy

Goat Games created the role-playing, single-player, and multiplayer video game Dragon Storm Fantasy for mobile platforms including Android and iOS. The game introduces a fantasy world with a dark atmosphere where players compete against one another on a global scale to win. You will relish the fantastic battle experience while playing and obtain special rewards. Your ultimate objective is to compete for the top spot and try to obtain the prestigious title of Dragon King of Storm. Also check Mudae Bot

In the game, you have to play through an emotional plot and engage in a number of fights to become the best fighter in the world. To increase your fighting prowess, you can unlock and deploy dragons during the game. To succeed, you must defeat opponents using the simple controls. Divine Dragons, World-Class Bosses, Master all Talent and Skills, High-rank Equipment, and other notable elements are included in Dragon Storm Fantasy.

8. Tales of the Wind

Tales of the Wind

Neocraft Limited created the role-playing and single-player adventure video game Tales of Wind for mobile devices. The game is set in a fantasy-themed universe, and your ultimate objective is to pick your favourite character from the ones offered and begin battling opponents to become the master. There are a number of playable quests that can be completed, and each one advances the plot by requiring certain activities to be finished.

The setting of the game is a lovely metropolis where you may enjoy authentic MMORPG gameplay with a nice cast of characters and various critters. Using a variety of clothes, the customization function enables you to change the appearance of your character while also setting out on a quest to capture and control adorable animals as you strive to become the master. Popular elements in Tales of Wind include PvE Dungeons, Team Co-operation, Strong Monsters, Superior Powers, a Wide Variety of Innovative Gameplay Modes, etc. This is another Blue Protocol alternative.

9. Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja

This is another Blue Protocol alternative. In the fantasy-themed universe of Dragon Raja, the player assumes control of a hero whose ultimate objective is to defeat evil forces before it’s too late. The RPG and action game genres are combined in the game’s idea. The gameplay is similar to other Auto-chess games in that you move allies across the board like chess pieces and try to checkmate the enemy team on a battlefield that resembles a chessboard.

The secret to success lies in the novel strategic approach. You can put together your squad of heroes and raid one opponent in this MMO game to stop the destruction of the world. With amazing graphics and an ally chess mode, the game launches. There are dozens of brand-new stories and challenges that may be finished, and each one needs a different unlockable item. Dragon Raja is a terrific game to play with stunning playability.

10. Savior Fantasy

Savior Fantasy

Role-playing, adventure, single-player, and multiplayer video game Savior Fantasy is a creation of EyouGame for mobile platforms. The game transports you to a lovely world where many other gamers from all around the world are free to roam. It promises to provide you the steampunk and fantasy MMORPG of the next generation. Each of the playable characters has a different appearance, playstyle, and set of skills to offer. This is another Blue Protocol alternative.

After choosing a character, you can then go out on a quest to combat foes and navigate the fantastical realm. The game provides a special system for character customisation that offers a variety of outfits and accessories. There are many lovely dogs available, and each one has special skills. To become the master, take control of the battlefield within a set amount of time by adopting your favourite pet to aid you in combat. You can interact with other players during the game to advance the plot and uncover the sinister secrets of the fantasy realm.

11. Eternal Sword

Eternal Sword

This is another Blue Protocol alternative. A gorgeous cast of playable characters are introduced in Eternal Sword M, and each one has an own look, playing style, and set of skills. The game transports you to a lovely world where your ultimate objective is to select your character from the available options and begin exploring the area to finish a number of difficult objectives. It has a compelling plot that starts with the Earth on the verge of extinction and gives you little over seven days to save it.

The game’s multiplayer feature enables players from all over the world to take part in the titanic conflict and vanquish adversaries in order to once more save the world in a fresh adventure. While playing, you look around the globe from a third-person perspective, and your main objective is to collect XPs to open up new content. You can interact with other players, meet new people, and speak with them using the real-chat features while playing the game.

12. King of Kings 3

King of Kings 3

Gamingo has released King of Kings 3, an action-adventure, MMORPG, 3D, fantasy, single-player game with a fantasy setting. You must assume the part of a protagonist who embarks on the mission. Choose a character from a variety of options, give it your personal touch, and join other online players on the voyage. Make sure the king has distinct and distinctive abilities and skills as a result of character customization. In this video edition, there are a lot of online characters that you can communicate with. This is another Blue Protocol alternative.

To bang and slice the enemy, players can employ a sword, hammer, Trident, and hatchet from the game. In addition, the third-person perspective edition has the most high-definition graphics and images and the best sound effects for attacking and interacting with other characters. Play online to provide your people and state a pleasant life and to make them happy and rich.

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