Top 15 Best Cartoon Yourself Apps In 2022

Best and most effective Cartoon Yourself Apps will be described in this article. One of the most well-liked software categories for iOS and Android devices is Cartoon Makers. Users of mobile devices should try these top Cartoon yourself apps from our list of well-known cartoon creation apps if they want to add a cartoon flair to their pictures, make Anime avatar characters, or draw a picture of their favourite cartoon characters.

How to Use Apps Convert Photo to Cartoons

Check out the cartoon apps provided below, choose the one you like, and then you can customise the skin tone, eyes, eyebrows, nose, and hair as well as the costumes with T-shirts, shirts, suits, and more. By default, you must select a male or female version. Additionally, you’ll receive a watch, a pair of shoes, and many other accessories. Save the picture and send it to your pals.

Top 15 Best Cartoon Yourself Apps In 2022

Top 15 Best Cartoon Yourself Apps are explained here.

1. Dollify


With just a few adjustments, you can use dollify to create a fantastic cartoon version of yourself. You can match your character with various hairstyles, attire, accessories, and other great goods. Simply choose the appropriate accessories for your avatar character, and your cartoon will be ready. Also check wcoforever app

This Cartoon Yourself software was thoughtfully designed by the development team to assist you in creating the cutest-looking online avatars. The easiest way to create the cutest-looking avatars is with this programme. 14 different categories are available for your discretionary selection.

You can create countless unique combinations with the wide variety of available components and their colour variations.

2. Cartoon Yourself


Cartoon Yourself

The Cartoon Yourself app contains in-app purchases but is free to download. With the help of this programme, a user can convert a photo into a cartoon drawing in either colour, grayscale, or black and white. With the simple photo upload and editing tools, it is easy to use. The finished cartoon image is available for download in jpg and png formats. It only takes two simple actions to complete.

  1. To cartoonize an image, just click the “Add a Photo” button and select a.jpg,.png, or.gif file.
  2. Press the “Apply Effect” key. Additionally, you may include effects and stickers.

The software now also includes other features including a cropper, photo rotation, and photo mirroring.

3. Bobble



This is another cartoon yourself apps. You may use Bobble to create cartoon stickers using your photographs. Why bother sending lengthy texts when you can just put it up? On a variety of platforms, you can share the stickers with your friends as stories or individual toons. Your face is instantaneously recognised by the advanced face recognition technology, which then makes the best-possible stickers for them.

Thousands more emojis, stickers, GIFs, and themes may be found in Bobble. While typing, there is always time for enjoyment. There are no longer any in-app purchases or paid upgrades for the app. It is now completely free.

Bobble now uses artificial intelligence to forecast Emojis, Memes, and Stickers in addition to its extensive feature collection.

Bobble does not also have fonts. why not Additionally, stickers with text in your native tongue are available.

Gliding to add new words, Long press to access symbols, Gesture control, long pressing GIFs to obtain pertinent ideas, connecting with a Google account for enhanced word prediction, and auto correct are just a occasional of the many positive features.

4. BeFunky


One of the most well-known photo-editing programmes, BeFunky, offers limitless backgrounds, cartoon effects, filters, and much more. Toons, Vintage, DuoTone, Sketch, Grunge, and many other effects are available. BeFunky is a no-cost programme. Also check iomovies alternatives

With this programme, you may be highly creative with your images, as the name says. Built-in photo editing features include a collage builder, typefaces, photo frames, overlays, and stickers in addition to some very potent photo editing tools.

Access to your preferred social media site, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. immediately,

The best feature of this software is that there are no commercials, watermarks, restrictions, or public relations gimmicks. BeFunky makes it incredibly simple, cost-free, and easy to use its features.

The developers decided against showing commercials because they feel that a quality product and positive word-of-mouth will suffice for their marketing. We should accept their decision to maintain a better user experience and perhaps support them by telling your friends and family about this truly fantastic software.

5. Cartoon Maker – Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Maker – Cartoon Photo Editor

With in-app purchases, the app Cartoon Maker- Cartoon Photo Editor is available for FREE download. With the help of this picture editor, a user can instantly transform images and selfies into works of cartoon art. In addition to easy import and export, it provides more than 30 filters and effects. The Cartoon Maker-Cartoon Photo Editor allows for the direct sharing of created images on social media.

This app is incredibly simple to use. Just carry out these actions.

  • Upload the image from your phone’s gallery that you want to cartoonize.
  • Choose the effect you want to use from the app’s more than 30 effects.
  • Give the app a few beats to finish its task.
  • The best part of it all is that you can save and share it with your loved ones on social media.

This programme provides a number of cartoon effects, including Superhero Comic Maker, Anime, 70s, Comic Maker, and many more. This is another cartoon yourself apps.

What are you still holding out for?

6. Moment Cam

Moment Cam

Moment Cam works best for taking pictures and turning them into cartoons and humorous emoticons. This FREE app is a must-have on your phones and offers a variety of effects, such as caricatures and toon images.

It has backgrounds that are changed daily and occasionally. More are added for places, cultures, and pop culture from that era.

Amazing features include the ability to make your own customised animated cartoons and emoticons, customise your background with the newest MojiWorld function, and participate in contests to win prizes by sharing your creations with the MomentCam community.

7. ToonTastic 3D

ToonTastic 3D

ToonTastic is a FREE smartphone app from Google LLC that allows you to write and animate your own 3D animated cartoon stories. Toontastic is a strong and fantastic way to make stories, breaking news reports, video game creations, family photo albums, or other things that are only possible in my imagination. This is another cartoon yourself apps.

The following are some of Toontastic 3d’s best attributes:

  • A huge toy box filled with imaginative characters and situations for children, including adventurous pirates, changing robots, evil villains, and more
  • 3D drawing tools let you create incredible original characters.
  • Photographs and custom-colored characters let you add yourself to your adventures.
  • Built-in tunes are a fantastic addition to your tracks.
  • Story arcs are excellent for telling digital stories (Short Story, Classic, & Science Report)
  • Create shareable films and photographs that you may send to your loved ones to cheer them up.
  • The app has an idea lab with fantastic stories, characters, and settings that are lively and playful to inspire new adventures.

8. Moments Cartoon Caricature – Selfie network cam

Moments Cartoon Caricature - Selfie network cam

Using Moment Cartoon, give the toon avatar in your selfies and photos. To capture and create moments in the form of caricatures, cartoons, avatars, and much more, the application makes use of contemporary editors, stickers, and effects. It is a FREE application to use. Also check mangafox alternatives

This is another cartoon yourself apps. Give your cartoon to other networks that use the greatest cartooning techniques and distribute it. contemporary photo editing software. Masquerade’s social picture editor for caricature and photo contests.

9. FaceQ


One of the multiple popular and extensively used cartoon avatar creation apps is FaceQ. Create your own stories with friends & family in just two easy steps. FaceQ offers a wide variety of backgrounds, effects, and toon callouts. It is a FREE application to use.

10. Comic and Meme Creator

Comic and Meme Creator

Use the Comic and Meme Creator app to make your own comic strips and memes, then share them with your loved ones. Use of this app is totally free.

11. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor

With Prisma Photo Editor, you can add a contemporary cartoon or anime touch to any photo you shoot. Its popularity is undeniable with over 120 million instals, only on Android smartphones. Download now to start making memories.

Among the outstanding qualities are:


Utilize the built-in image improvement tools to improve the outcomes after applying art filters. There are numerous tools available in the photo improvement mode, including those for exposure, sharpness, contrast, brightness, etc. This is another cartoon yourself apps.

12. Emojily


This is another cartoon yourself apps. Using Emojily, you can turn your selfies and photos into emoticons. To make your talks enjoyable, share across platforms. With in-app purchases, it is a free app.

The app includes a variety of crazy other items as well, such as taco, robot, zombie, full moon, folded hands, blowing kiss, poop, smirking, thumbs up, panda, chicken, cat, and dog, as well as red hearts, love, winking eyes, tears of joy, laughter, victory/peace out signs, middle fingers, rainbows, and winks.

13. Fatify


Download Fatify to your mobile devices if you want to make your pals chuckle. With a variety of backdrops and filters, you may design cartoon versions of your friends that make them look strong. It is the greatest Cartoon yourself software to try and it is FREE. This is another cartoon yourself apps.

This app is incredibly simple to use. This is how you do it.

Select your weight and upload a photo.

Tap your chubby selfie face.

Send your fat selfie to family and friends or post it online.

14. FlipaClip


Using FlipaClip’s frame-by-frame photo editor, users may make amazing animation stories. You have everything you need, from cartoons to sketches, to tell your narrative in style. The animation can also include music and sound effects. The FlipaClip app is available for in-app purchases but is otherwise free. This programme allows you to create your own cartoon.

The entire animation kit you need is included with FlipaClip. Create animated cartoons using frame-by-frame animation and extra effects like audio. You practically don’t need any technical skills to use this software. Additionally, saving and sharing to the entire world is quite simple.

15. Draw a Stick Man

Draw a Stick Man

Worry no more if you’re tired of seeing the same old stick figure animations. With this programme, Draw a Stickman, you can now draw stick figures and make your own stickman animations. It is a FREE app that is accessible on both the Android and iOS operating systems. This is another cartoon yourself apps.

Describe a cartoon.

A static or animated cartoon is a type of drawing that is often not realistic. It is typically described as a collection of photos with a narrative or structure underneath that engages viewers and helps them stick with the visual experience. Cartoonists are those who create cartoons.

The sources of the cartoon can be traced back to amusing pictures published in newspapers and journals during the 19th century. In the early 20th century, it transitioned from static work to animations. This article explains how to make a cartoon app on your own.

Among the Best Cartoon Yourself Apps

The top 15 Cartoon Maker apps are now concluded; it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Try drawing some cartoons and post them on our social media accounts. You can also recommend alternative cartoon-making apps in the comments.

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