10 Best Sites to Create Free Anime Character Online

Best sites to create anime character will be explained in this article. Online Anime Character Maker: We are all aware that the Japanese word “anime” refers to animation. Basically, the term “anime” refers to particular animations with vivid characters, lively graphics, and wonderful themes.

People now frequently utilise anime avatars for themselves due to the growing popularity of anime. There is a second thing called the virtual world in addition to the real world. The experience if you used your own anime avatar rather than a selfie. It is both appealing and distinctive. In the virtual world, your avatar will be a representation of you. This article will be useful to you if you haven’t already produced it and are looking for an anime character maker. We’ll talk about the top 10 websites in this article where you may make an anime character for free.

Top 10 Best Sites to Create Free Anime Character Online In 2022

Top 10 Best Sites to Create Free Anime Character Online are explained here.

There are several websites that let you complete a cartoon character. Here, we’ve listed the most well-liked ones that make it easy to make cartoons or avatars from your ideal photos.

1. Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga

One of the best websites that allows you to create your own avatar is Faceyourmanga.com. The best anime character designers are represented by this. You will discover everything you require on the site, which has a wealth of features. Also check cartoon creators

Through it, you can give your character birthmarks, band-aids, third-eyes, scars, and moles. It also has a setting that enables you to adjust your eyebrow as desired. So you must also try this Picrew if you want to create anime characters.

2. Portrait illustrations Maker

Portrait illustrations Maker

One of the simplest methods for creating an anime avatar online is with Portrait Illustration Maker. This website is ideal for you if you need an anime character quickly and don’t have much time. This is another create anime character online.

There is a choice referred to as “Randomizer.” Users only need to tap the icon, and the website will produce an avatar at random for them. As a result of the site’s lack of features, there are few customization options available. However, it still contains an editing feature that enables users to manually alter their avatar that was generated at random. You have the option of sharing your avatar on social media sites.

3. My Blue Robot

My Blue Robot

One of the best online services for creating anime characters is My Blue Robot. It allows you to create a cartoon character of yourself. This website offers a lot of intriguing and distinctive possibilities, and the results are truly attractive.

You can add several mouth and eye types in this way. By utilising the magnifying glass, you can even make your head bigger. Additionally, you have the choice to open your eyes wider. Tilting is another crucial aspect of this location. You can create the avatar by tilting your head using this option.

4. Marvel Superhero Avatar

Marvel Superhero Avatar

This location is ideal for you if you adore Marvel and want to create an avatar that looks like one of their superheroes. You can acquire everything in the app that you might not find on other websites. It is among the top anime character designers that are accessible online. This is another create anime character online.

The Marvel superhero avatar tool encourages creative thinking. You can create your own superhero by using it. Even the perspective of superheroes can be combined. You can combine Spider-girl and Captain Marvel among the female superheroes. When it comes to masculine superheroes, on the other hand, you can mix Iron Man with Spider-Man. Also check Kuroani Alternatives

5. Custom Anime

Custom Anime

One of the best anime avatar creators is CustomAnime. This website’s main goal is to give anime enthusiasts some type of entertainment. You may create your own anime avatar with this website. The website offers a lot of choices for character customization. You can choose from a combination of haircuts based on your preferences. There are also numerous varieties of faces there in addition to this. In a nutshell, the website is full of options and won’t let you down if you enjoy anime and want to create an avatar for yourself. This is another create anime character online.

6. Picassohead


This website is appropriate for you if you admire Picasso and wish to include his style into your avatar. Picassohead offers a unique digital tool that reproduces well-known features he drew. You can create paintings that resemble Picasso’s with the use of these features. Later, it is simple to convert it into avatars.

7. Cartoonify


Another excellent anime avatar maker that gives your character a realistic edge is Cartoonify. As a result, our website is ideal for you if you want to create a realistic character for yourself. Additionally, Cartoonify saves you time because processing doesn’t require much of it. It is one of the best websites for allowing you to create a cartoon version of yourself without using any software. This website has more than 300 visuals that you may use to quickly turn a snapshot into a cartoon. This is another create anime character online.

8. Pick a face

Pick a face

One of the most well-known websites for creating anime characters online is Pick a Face. There are several features in Pick a Face. By utilising these elements, you can give your photo a fresh look. As a result, the outcomes really stand out. Consequently, you must go to this website if you want to create an anime avatar for yourself.

9. Dude Factory

Dude Factory

One of the best websites that lets people create their own avatars for free is Dude Factory. The fact that this website includes a variety of attire and body parts is one of its advantages. You may give your character a dynamic look by employing these. Therefore, it must be stated that Dude Factory is the finest option if you want a free location to create your own avatar.

10. Avatarmaker – Create your own avatar Online


Another excellent and cost-free anime avatar maker is Avatarmaker. This website’s UI is incredibly user-friendly, and creating an avatar is not difficult at all. Almost everything may be customised by using this website. Users can alter the face’s form. On Avatarmaker, they can even alter the character’s eyes, hair, colour, and clothing. Therefore, you must go to this site if you want the best things for your character. This is another create anime character online.


It should be noted that every website has both positive and negative aspects. But you may go to any of these top 10 websites to create an online anime avatar. Each website has something special to offer, so you should check them all out to see what works best.

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