Top 8 Best Crunchyroll Alternatives For Streaming Anime In 2022

Best Crunchyroll alternatives will be discussed in this post. The following Crunchyroll substitutes might be more appropriate for your needs if Crunchyroll is not available to you or if you’re looking for similar anime streaming services with a more specialised selection of anime.

It’s possible that not all countries offer the above video streaming services, and that using a VPN is the only method to access them.

Top 8 Best Crunchyroll Alternatives For Streaming Anime In 2022

Top 8 Best Crunchyroll Alternatives For Streaming Anime are explained here.

1. Funimation


If you enjoy anime, you may be familiar with Funimation. This service is worthwhile investigating for a number of reasons, including its cost and the volume of anime content it provides. Anime fans in the United States, Canada, & Australia adore Funimation very much.

Since Funimation offers several well-known anime shows like Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, One Piece: Strong World, and others, many people view it as a viable alternative to Crunchyroll. This implies that there ought to be something in terms of genre or theme here to suit everyone’s preferences. A few live-action TV shows are now available on Funimation, which may be of interest to observers looking for a change of pace from what they often watch on Netflix or Hulu.

In addition to their DVD & BluRay releases, Funimation offers a sophisticated online video streaming service with a tonne of on-demand content. Other highlights of Funimation include “SimulDub,” which allows you to stream subtitled and dubbed series at up to 1080p HD quality, home videos from the company’s newest dubs, and the ability to watch anime episodes as they air on your device.

The anime streaming website offers both dubs and subtitles, and depending on licencing arrangements, the majority of new anime episodes are accessible for viewing within an hour of their broadcast on Japanese television.

Dubbed anime is fantastic news for individuals who struggle with subtitles or want to watch the show with Japanese audio in its original version without having to read subtitles on their screen. Also check cartoon creator

In addition to live streaming and TV broadcasts, this Crunchyroll substitute also provides free shows with advertisements. Starting at $5.99 per month, the paid subscription plans provide material that is ad-free.

Funimation’s app has the issue of being frequently frustrating to use and being highly buggy. Some of the more well-known series are also missing from the anime library.

The subtitles are the one area where Crunchyroll outperforms Funimation. The captions on Crunchyroll are easier to read and there is a wider range of languages accessible.

2. Netflix


Incomparably more anime content is being added to Netflix, the well-known video streaming service that has gained widespread recognition.

Netflix has also had sensation with its actual anime shows, which include the critically acclaimed Castlevania, Devilman Crybaby, and B: The Beginning.

With titles like My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Dragon Ball Super available to stream, Netflix’s selection of anime content is also growing. This is another crunchyroll alternative.

Your anime binge-watching may last all day without having to worry about anyone else in the family feeling left out because Netflix lets you view anime and other entertainment on up to four devices at once.

One of the few significant streaming services, Netflix allows consumers to download a show and watch it at a later time.

This Crunchyroll substitute offers an ad-free experience for U.S. users starting at $9 per month and going up to $18 for the premium plan, and it is accessible with either monthly or annual subscriptions.

Depending on the nation from which you are viewing Netflix, different countries have different subscription fees. Due to licence agreements or linguistic difficulties, not all regions may have access to every anime series and films.

The only drawback to this Crunchyroll substitute is that it doesn’t provide any live-action programming, unlike Funimation.

Netflix is a terrific choice even for individuals with sluggish internet connections if all you’re looking for is a reliable anime streaming provider with a wide range of titles.

3. Hulu


Hulu, which launched in 2007, is another excellent Crunchyroll substitute. It provides numerous premium services in addition to free online anime streaming with advertisements.

A wide range of anime genres, including action, romance, comedy, horror, and even ecchi, are available on Hulu. Hulu is ideal for you if you want to binge on anime shows.

There are options for both dubbed and subtitled anime, but you can choose your Hulu preferences for either. The majority of well-known anime films and TV shows are accessible on the streaming platform, although some of the more specialised programmes could not be. For devoted anime lovers, it features a sizable selection of cult shows like Inuyasha, Hunter X Hunter, Cowboy Bebop, Fruits Basket, and Trigun.

While some anime are available on Hulu for free with advertising, some might need a Hulu+ subscription in order to see all the episodes. Monthly payments total $12. This is another crunchyroll alternative.

Hulu provides a free trial for their service, just like Crunchyroll does. This makes Hulu a wonderful choice if you want to try out many streaming services before settling on one.

One thing to keep in reason is that while Hulu has a lot to offer, including TV shows and movies, Crunchyroll offers simulcast and live-action programming.

4. AnimeLab


Although it doesn’t offer any content to viewers outside of Australia and New Zealand, AnimeLab is a great alternative for individuals who live in those countries.

It offers a wide range of anime entertainment, including simulcasts of recently released films, TV series, and other media. It includes subtitles for people who like subtitled anime in addition to a sizable selection of dubbed anime. This is another crunchyroll alternative.

The programme is offered for free with advertisements, but there is also a premium subscription option that allows users to watch in either 720p or 1080p resolution and removes all the advertising that appear while they are watching.

One of the top anime streaming services is Animelab, and its app is a particular strength.



The most recent Japanese anime may be watched on HIDIVE, which also offers a variety of other content. Both subtitled and dubbed anime are available on HIDIVE, much like Crunchyroll, however there are more exclusives than there are on Crunchyroll.

One of the greatest locations to find more mature anime is HIDIVE, which also offers some graphic horror series like Corpse Party and a number of 18+ titles that Crunchyroll doesn’t stream. Additionally, they offer well-known anime TV shows like Mob Psycho 100 and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. If you like, you may also watch anime with English subtitles or dubs, such as Fate/Extra Last Encore & The Girl in Twilight.

This Crunchyroll substitute offers free subscriptions with ad-supported anime streaming, while premium memberships with no advertisements cost $4.99 USD per month or $47.99 yearly.

For new customers to HIDIVE, a 30-day free trial is available to try the service out. If you want to see more recent movies that Crunchyroll doesn’t yet have, HIDIVE is an excellent option.

One drawback of HIDIVE is that, unlike the other services we’ve studied today, video content cannot be downloaded and offline viewing is not an option. But if you’re not against streaming content, this shouldn’t really matter.

6. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Although Amazon Prime might not be the first service that springs to mind when considering anime streaming, they have recently struck many collaborations with anime studios.

The large anime selection on Amazon Prime’s streaming service is only available to Amazon Prime members and costs $119 per year. This is another crunchyroll alternative. Also check reasons to run a technology benefit

If you’re looking for new series, Amazon’s catalogue of anime titles is expanding quickly, so you might like to provide it a try as an alternate provider. Popular anime programmes including Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Vinland Saga, Inuyashiki, and Attack on Titan are available on Amazon.

You can view all the most recent simulcasts on Amazon Prime Video, as well as some older shows like ReLIFE that Crunchyroll does not yet carry.

Recently, Amazon made investments in producing their own unique adult material, including a translation of the well-known manga series Versailles no Bara (The Rose of Versailles). If you enjoy historical fiction, you should read this.

The drawback of choosing Amazon instead of Crunchyroll is that they don’t provide any episodes for free streaming or offline viewing.

However, since Amazon Prime Video Unlimited is already included in your annual membership fee of $119 for, it might be more cost-effective to pay in full now rather than over the course of time with other services.

The fact that you can watch on your TV, laptop, or mobile phone, as well as any other device with a screen, makes the price tag worthwhile. In addition to anime, you may choose from a variety of movies and television shows.

The Amazon Prime Video website

7. VRV


VRV is a non-gaming subscription streaming service that has a collection of material from numerous suppliers, including the two biggest anime streaming services in the world, Crunchyroll and HIDIVE.

This is another crunchyroll alternative. Because VRV has partnerships with other video streaming platforms, it offers a unique selection of anime movies. Popular anime programmes like “Food Wars” and “Attack on Titan” fall under this category.

For users to test out their video streaming platform, VRV provides monthly subscriptions. They provide both individual and premium package subscriptions to their channels. A premium ad-free streaming subscription from VRV is available for $9.99 (plus taxes) per month.

In addition to offering users their first 30 days free, VRV also has a sizable library of anime films. This choice on our list of Crunchyroll substitutes is presently only accessible in the United States.

8. YouTube


In an effort to expand their audience and halt the illicit video distribution of their content, Japanese animation studios have recently begun to stream their vintage anime series and films on YouTube. This is another crunchyroll alternative.

Considering how many classic anime series, like Black Jack, Monster, Future Boy Conan, Doraemon, Sailor Moon, and Astro Boy, are presently freely accessible on YouTube, the studios are hoping that making their content available in this way will end the practise of unauthorised distribution.

Recently, YouTube channel Animelog teamed up with multiple studios to distribute their individual content on its YouTube channel, giving fans access to a greater range of anime episodes and films.

With over a billion users and the largest video-sharing ad network in the world, YouTube, it should come as no surprise that many studios are now using it as a secondary distribution channel.

Since numerous of the tapes on YouTube are even compressed at a lower bitrate, this Crunchyroll substitute is also beneficial for people with sluggish internet connections.

YouTube offers a large range of anime TV series and movies and is a free alternative to Crunchyroll, but one disadvantage is that certain content is geo-restricted, which might make it challenging for an anime fan to access.

 Crunchyroll Alternatives: Conclusion

Although the Crunchyroll options listed above might not have as many anime titles available as Crunchyroll, they are all worth checking out before deciding which one will best meet your needs. We hope this guide will help you avoid some typical mistakes that people make when selecting an anime streaming service. Nothing should prevent you from enjoying online anime watching if you keep these suggestions in mind.

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