10 Best JustDubs Alternatives To Watch English Dubbed Anime

Best justDubs alternatives will be discussed in this article. Somebody of all ages like watching anime considerably more than they did in the past because of the strong, attractive characters that are featured. This handbook will aid you in picking the top anime sites like Justdubs if you’re looking for the greatest websites to watch anime online for free.

In this case, Justdubs enters the scene. Justdubs is a website that provides users with on-the-go dubbed anime. Additionally, they provide viewers with a download option so that they can watch their preferred anime without the need for a reliable internet connection, which is crucial for Indian customers.

But recently, the website appears to be broken or has stopped working altogether (reasons being unknown). As a result, many people are horrified and searching for better performing alternatives.

I’ll be sharing with you the top ten Justdubs substitutes for totally free English-dubbed anime streaming.

Top 10 Best JustDubs Alternatives to Watch English Dubbed Anime In 2022

Top 10 Best JustDubs Alternatives to Watch English Dubbed Anime are explained here.

1. Crunchyroll


One of the top Justdubs substitutes and a leader in its field is Crunchyroll. Its distinguishing feature is that it enables viewers access to a library of anime; however, in order to use this, you must purchase a premium subscription, which costs roughly $8 per month and offers simulcasts and an ad-free experience.

This website (Premium subscription) allows you to stream every anime episode ever to air; it has all the current series as well as well-known and classic shows that are simple to find. This is another justdubs alternative.

On this website, users can stream for free in 720p from the site’s small selection of content. This website’s interface is respectable and quite graphical, which draws in the younger demographic.

2. Cartoon Crazy

Well, Cartoon Crazy is a website that online extroverts will thank their lucky stars for since in addition to offering the standard streaming service, it also has a great chat room where users from all over the planet can interact and exchange ideas. Isn’t this a great practical choice for those who like to talk about their favourite anime? Also check cartoon creators

Like Justdubs anime, it provides users with access to a sizable library of anime. The fact that the list of anime is available right on the home page makes it incredibly simple to access.

The CartoonCarzy interface is fairly elegant and understated for people who prefer a tidy monitor. Worth Trying!

3. Gogoanime


The most well-known website for watching anime online is gogoanime. The platform is fairly accurate and simple for new people to use. It offers both the most recent and vintage manga collections. It offers both dubbed and subtitled anime depending on the user’s preferences.

For those with high-speed internet, GogoAnime offers 1080p streaming and download quality. Those looking to save bandwidth can choose 360p. This is another justdubs alternative.

It is a mobile-friendly website, and users can also download the mobile app from the play store for an improved experience. The app’s interface is fairly organised and fluid. It doesn’t use up much of the phone’s battery.

Among the many genres available on GogoAnime are action, adventure, romance, mecha, music, parody, and many more. Additionally, it features a brand-new feature called “Winter 2019,” which gives the most recent anime for that season.

4. Animeland


Another Just Dubs substitute that allows fans to stream the newest anime in HD quality is this one. This website’s user interface is its lone flaw. Although it is not a particularly nice website to look at, it gets the job done. Its user interface is comparable to a Windows 98 user interface.

Some users choose this website because of its user-friendly, straightforward interface. This would be the finest option if you’re looking for a free English-dubbed anime website!

5. AnimeHeaven


I’ll explain why this Anime streaming service is my personal favourite. This website provides virtually everything an anime fan could want, and it has a huge collection that includes every anime that has ever been shown. It provides customers with access to all current series, films, random animes, and more. Both the English subtitled and dubbed episodes are available for viewing by viewers.

This website’s user interface is more attractive than the person you like. This website’s layout and colour scheme are both flawless. All users should absolutely check out this website because it basically contains everything they need. This is another justdubs alternative.

6. KissAnime


Another popular anime streaming site, this Justdub substitute allows users to stream and download anime movies and series from before the year 2000. The user interface is clear and concise. It’s not as fancy as the other choices, but it’s still quite user-friendly and inconspicuous. Also check animation software

It offers a huge variety of genres, as well as current, recent, and upcoming seasons as well as an anime list for users to browse. Overall, this website has a sizable fan following and is likely one of the greatest places to watch anime online.

7. Anime Show TV

Anime Show TV

This is yet another top-notch substitute for Justdubs because it offers viewers a selection of more than 40 different genres. The genre encompasses a wide range of subgenres, including as shounen, seinen, historical, comedy, drama, mystery, and romance. This is another justdubs alternative.

Although the user interface is quite attractive, the library’s material is structured quite well to allow users to efficiently find what they’re looking for.

8. AnimeToon


This is yet another option that is comparable to Just Dubs, which provides access to the most recent collection and free 1080p streaming of anime online. The top genres that the typical viewer streams are all included, and the contents are arranged in a logical and simple-to-follow sequence.

The user base is sizable, it has a similar interface to other streaming choices, and the site has a respectable user rating.

9. SideReel


This is another justdubs alternative. SideReel is a streaming platform that offers access to essentially everything. This website’s material includes movies, English sitcoms, and series in addition to anime (Free dubbed anime).

Returning to the perspective of an anime fan, it offers a wide variety of anime series and movies to stream. Finding a particular anime and appearance on this website is really simple because it functions very similarly to a search engine.

10. Animania App

Animania App

This is a decent anime streaming app that is available to Android users. All of the most recent anime that is now airing can be streamed, downloaded, and stored on a user’s mobile device.

The only flaw in this Justdub substitute’s otherwise excellent and convenient user interface is that it only works on mobile devices. Although there isn’t a website for this, it is still a great option for those who prefer to watch their favourite anime on their smartphones. This is another justdubs alternative. Also check 9anime

Final Words:

By offering my list of Justdubs alternatives, I hope to have been of some use to all the anime aficionados out there. You still have nine other websites to pick from if one of those ones goes down.

Please feel free to share any websites you think are better than these with me, and I’ll make sure they are added to the list. Also, let us know which of the aforementioned alternatives to Justdubs is your favourite. Which free English-dubbed anime streaming website do you use? Comment on it in the section below!

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