Top 15 Best Mudae Bot Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding Mudae Bot alternatives will be discussed in this article. You can play plays and watch videos with everyone on the discord server by using the Mudae Bot, a discord server bot designed for entertainment servers. The bot gives you the features to play roulette and enables you to play games with plenty of players. You may customise your bot’s commands and it gives you the commands you need to manage big events. You can also choose your preferred gaming character thanks to this.

You can use Mudae Bot’s extensive set of instructions to manage crucial tasks like utilities, embeds, predictions, countdowns, anime functions, word commands, etc. You can easily keep an eye on what the server’s users are doing, and you have the opportunity to manage their conduct so that your Discord server stays tidy.

Top 15 Best Mudae Bot Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best Mudae Bot Alternatives are explained here.

1. WoO Bot


WoO Bot

OwO Bot is a straightforward programme that enables you to set up subject channels in your discord server so that you may collaborate and communicate with other members of your community there. You may speak with your Discord pals using it, and it notifies you via pop-up windows whenever a friend is online. By giving them personalised notifications, Owo Bot gives you the tools to expand your community and recruit more like-minded people.

You can watch and enjoy your friends’ streams on this software, and you can also greet your pals on the video. It provides you with mini-games that you can play with your friends and challenges members of the community at any level. The duties that your community members will play can also be decided, and the software’s user interface is graphical and friendly.

2. Bot MEE6

MEE6 Bot

The software called MEE6 Bot gives you the tools you need to create a fantastic Discord server. It enables you to make a welcome message that you can send to new Discord users with ease. You can also customise the invitation card to reflect your hobbies. You have complete control over the software, and it generates commands that you can readily adjust. Also check best anime on netflix

You may easily select the reaction roles with MEE6 Bot and build your own emoji. In order to effectively involve the community members, you may also offer rewards and set up several levels systems. You can simply access all the features and functions thanks to the graphical and sturdy interface. It provides you all the resources necessary to easily set up streaming while also keeping you updated via social media alerts.



The advanced level discord bot YAGPDB Bot was developed for all-purpose use and gives you the tools you need to operate the discord server. This bot notifies you by notification within a short period of time about the feeds associated with numerous social media platforms, like Reddit, YouTube, etc. When a user joins the server, it is set up with settings that let you send direct messages as well as join and leave messages in any specific channel. This is another Mudae Bot alternative.

You may assign responsibilities using YAGPDB Bot’s command-line interface or role menu, and you can even divide users into different groups. The automatic moderator, which makes it simple to silence, kick, and invite users who dare to flout community rules, is this bot’s best feature. Other functions include general moderation, cat facts, and custom commands.

4. Yui Bot

Yui Bot

Yui Bot is a straightforward Discord bot that gives you the ability to manage servers in a fun way and gives you access to a number of commands to manage more serious operations like moderation, automation, authorization, talents, etc. It enables you to blacklist community members and delete posts without any kind of screening. The role’s nickname and colour can be changed with ease. Also check tiktok tools

Yui Bot provides the ability to automatically reply to every texts, and you can also customise the invitation message. It’s simple to modify the reactions in accordance with your interests, and it also makes it easier for you to maintain and keep control of the tags. It accepts new users and enables you to automatically allocate tasks based on roles. You may manage and examine all of the warnings and community rules with this bot.

5. ZeroTwo Bot

ZeroTwo Bot

You can personalise the discord server in accordance with your preferences and needs using the programme known as ZeroTwo Bot. With this bot programme, you can totally personalise the greeting cards, prefixes for the user and server, and profile cards. It also supports multiple languages. You can set up every function to work in a way that is compatible with you. This is another Mudae Bot alternative.

The extensive interface that comes with ZeroTwo Bot makes it simple to access all the functionality. To keep your members happy, it offers you a fun levelling system, and they can respond by utilising the GIF. By letting them participate in games and earn credits, you can keep your members interested and boost server revenue. Additionally, it offers the ability to grow the community’s membership and gives you the tools to amuse all of the users.

6. Loritta Bot

Loritta Bot

This is another Mudae Bot alternative. The advanced-level Loritta Bot automates the functioning of the Discord server and offers tools to engage your server’s users in enjoyable conversation. With the help of this Discord bot, your server’s users can converse, discuss, and express their opinions and ideas. You can also quickly and easily give the most active users rewards, roles, and high levels.

You may produce entertaining material for your followers using Loritta Bot, and it will automatically let them know whenever you submit it. This bot is set up to work with many sites and instantly shares the feeds of other platforms like YouTube, Twitch, etc. Additionally, it has tools that let you manage and watch over the activity on your Discord server as well as function as a moderator. You have the option to limit, ban, and kick users who break the server’s rules.

7. Arcane Bot

Arcane Bot

Arcane Bot is a high-level bot that is devoted to the Discord servers and aids in server automation. It enables you to maintain server cleanliness and offers you multi-level tools to maintain member interaction. You can calculate the voice activity of your server using the voice levelling options that the bot offers. Additionally, it enables you to filter out and eliminate any members that are silent and inactive.

By giving your members different responsibilities, Arcane Bot enables you to inspire innovative and interactive participation from them. With the aid of this bot, you may also notify your YouTube subscribers. This Discord bot’s dashboard and user-friendly UI let you manage server activity as a moderator thanks to its extensive functionality. Also check anime for beginners



Rythm Bot is a computer programme that makes it easier for you to automate your Discord server and share your favourite music with your friends and the community. It is a straightforward bot that can be used by anyone with no prior technological knowledge. This bot’s best feature is that it enables you to directly listen to music from many websites like YouTube, Sound Cloud, Twitch, Dailymotion, etc.

You may handle several channels by adding a double bot to your server using Rythm Bot. Additionally, it offers the choice of handing up authority to manage the bot’s activities and play music for everyone on the same channel. The bot’s user interface is uncomplicated and convenient. You can create your own music collection and choose from a variety of categories to find your favourite songs. The people on your server can express themselves by leaving comments on the music video.

9. Groovy Bot

Groovy Bot

The Groovy Bot is a bot designed specifically for music-themed Discord servers that provides options for the best possible music-listening experience with others. You can effortlessly listen to music from all of these sites thanks to the bot’s integration with a wide range of other video and music streaming services, including YouTube, Twitch, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, and Spotify. It includes a number of instructions like pay, queue, shuffle, pause, etc. that simplify operations and save you time. This is another Mudae Bot alternative.

You can manage numerous tasks at once with Groovy Bot by using up to three bots on distinct channels. The bot’s user interface is straightforward and enables you to share the music with the most people possible. Additionally, it enables you to create a music community and share your love of music with others. By providing them notifications, it also informs the viewers of your other platforms.

10. Hydra Bot

Hydra Bot

This is another Mudae Bot alternative. The music bot Hydra Bot is used to listen to, enjoy, and share favourite songs and compositions with other Discord server users. By emailing them the link, you can invite other users to your server. It’s a web-based bot that lets you modify the instructions and syntaxes to suit your needs. You can create a unique invitation and welcome message with the bot, and it will be automatically emailed to new users. Hydra Bot gives you an advanced level list of the commands that are customizable, and it is available in more than twenty languages like English, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, French, German, Turkish, etc. You can easily assign the role for your server members and act as a mediator to control all the activities. From other music outlets like YouTube, Spotify, etc., you can easily manage the bot’s operations.

11. Pancake Bot

Pancake Bot

The bot platform known as Pancake Bot is used to operate the music discord server and gives you the tools you need to act as a middleman and manage all of the server’s operations. It enables you to listen to music with every server member and is compatible with practically all well-known music streaming services, including Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Daily Motion, Twitch, and others. By giving your server’s users responsibilities, ranks, and awards, the bot enables you to interact with them. This is another Mudae Bot alternative.

To maintain order on your server and function as a moderator, Pancake Bot provides you with the essential tools like mute, kick, ban, voice control, etc. It enables you to preserve an eye on everything the server’s users are doing. You can utilise the bot’s customised fun commands to increase your server’s level of engagement.

12. EPIC RPG Bot


This is another Mudae Bot alternative. The EPIC RPG Bot is a game-specific Discord server bot that offers a number of features to advance levels. If they interact and contribute in a lighthearted manner, server users may also receive more armour, swords, and weapons as a prize. You can use the bot to ban and kick users who aren’t abiding by the discord server’s rules. Additionally, members are unable to exchange game currency outside of the bot.

Any type of modified scripts, macros, or automatization tools are not permitted when using the EPIC RPG Bot to gain an advantage over it. The three combat commands, such as RPG hunt, RPG adventure, etc., are readily available to server users. You can simply access all the capabilities thanks to the user-friendly, graphical interface of the bot.

13. Karuta Bot

Karuta Bot

More than 70,000 anime characters and cartoons are available to you with Karuta Bot, an expert level Discord server bot that you can also use as a collector card. When you are in life, this bot automatically notifies you when a card drops. The best aspect of this bot is that it manually or in response to directions dumps cards for each user every thirty minutes. Additionally, with each card drop, a new character and print number are dropped. This is another Mudae Bot alternative.

The five card drop classifications included with Karuta Bot are damaged, good, mint, outstanding, and poor. It enables all users of the Discord server to trade cards with one another. With the service of this bot, you can burn cards to gather resources like gold and dust, enabling all of the players to buy things and level up.

14. Koya Bot

Koya Bot

This is another Mudae Bot alternative. The advanced-level bot Koya Bot gives you the tools and capabilities you need to administer and set up your Discord server. You can alter the welcome and farewell cards, photos, and words that it automatically delivers. With the usefulness of this bot, you can issue a wide variety of commands and exercise moderation over server activity. The commands can be altered, and some can be used as utilities to make the member have more fun.

You can choose from a variety of images on Koya Bot and edit them however you like. You can also convey with other users using the social commands. Hugs, kisses, slaps, and other social cues provide you the ability to respond in a variety of circumstances. It enables you to keep up with all server activity so you never miss anything. With the aid of its RSS functionality, you can quickly access the news from your preferred platform.

15. Tatsu Bot

Tatsu Bot

Tatsu Bot is a web-based tool that you may use to control the members and activities of your discord community. It functions as a bot for the discord server. With this bot, you can make a sizable sum of money simply by engaging in game play and member interaction. With the money you have earned, you can easily purchase cards, animals, furnishings, badges, etc. This is another Mudae Bot alternative.

You can choose from more than 100 critters in Tatsu Bot’s selection of pets and animal games. Additionally, you may choose your furnishings from more than a thousand options and create a home that you can easily upgrade. Profile, rank, wallet cards, levels, build a store, leader boards, etc. are some of the other incredible features. The stores, trade, and other incredible products sustain the bot, and they regularly update the prizes so you can enjoy the newest items.

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