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Best Read Solo Leveling Manga will be described in this article. Many readers of manhwa have wondered if there are other manhwa with comparable narratives but different plot points as a result of the series’ success. Fortunately, there are. These manhwas are similar to Solo Leveling in that they both feature powerful heroes, intense battle scenes, or advanced magical skills. So, if you’re seeking for manhwa like Solo Leveling, here’s a list of titles, ordered from least to most similar to other works with the same themes. All of these are good reads.

Emedo Destiny’s update from September 25th says: Without a doubt, Solo Leveling is the pinnacle of what the rapidly developing manhwa medium has to offer. The plot centres on the exploits of Sung Jin-woo, the series’ lead character, who developed from a meagre E-rank hunter to a hunter/monarch with limitless skills. The devoted fan following and even the announcement of the Solo Leveling anime adaptation are simple ways to gauge Solo Leveling’s success in the manhwa business. An anime series called Solo Leveling has been scheduled for release in 2023. Hopefully Crunchyroll and Aniplex will do a fantastic job animating this masterpiece. However, these suggestions ought to keep Solo Leveling enthusiasts occupied until the anime premieres.

Read Solo Leveling Manga

Top 15 Best Read Solo Leveling Manga You Should Read are explained here.

1. The second coming of Gluttony

The second coming of Gluttony

Character development, which is lacking in most manhwa, is emphasised in the outstanding manhwa serial The Second Coming of Gluttony. The extent of the main character Seol Jihu’s depravity is initially made clear when it becomes clear that he is a gambling addict who is deeply despised by his parents. Also check Karuta Bot

Seol, however, starts to view life differently after being given a second chance in the Lost Paradise, where he develops into a fearsome fighter with superhuman skills thanks to his nine eyes. Fans of solo levelling will find The Second Coming of Gluttony to be an entertaining read even though it is not loyal to its web novel sources.

2. The God of high School

The God of high School

The majority of anime enthusiasts are familiar with this manga because it was adapted into an unsatisfactory anime in 2020. Because it contains the unedited story of Jin Mori and his close friends’ exploits, the manhwa is a superior choice for lovers of God of High School.

The God of High School starts out as a tale about a martial arts competition for high school students all across the world. The plot soon changes, though, to include greater dangers, bad guys, and a system of power called Charyeok. Characters in The God of High School are immensely strong, having abilities comparable to Sung Jin- Woo’s. This is another reason to read solo leveling manga.

3. Leviathan


In the post-apocalyptic world of Leviathan, which is situated on a body of water, people fight to survive aboard enormous ships while fending off sea monsters like Genod, the Kraken, Kentrassi, and others. Humanity developed a top-notch team of skilled harpoonists that could take down the enormous sea monsters in order to fight these obscene animals.

The story opens with Bota Ma, the main character, losing his father, a famed six-star harpoonist, to the ferocious sea monster Kentrassi. Following a close call with Kentrassi, Bota Ma made the decision to become a harpoonist and chose Kana, a three-star harpoonist, as his teacher. Leviathan tells a compelling story of how the main people fight off sea animals while trying to survive in a corrupt and prejudiced society. If you like to read a manhwa like Solo Leveling, Leviathan is a wonderful option because it includes amazing art and spectacular fighting scenes.

4. Omniscient Reader’s viewpoint

Because so many manhwa series use the same plots and power structures, they may become predictable. The appropriate title, however, is Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint if manhwa readers are seeking for something unique with a hint of Solo Leveling overtones. The protagonist of the story, Dokja Kim, worked as an office worker for a regular paycheck and was fascinated with reading the book “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse.”

Surprisingly, the protagonist’s world transforms into the one from the novel when the final chapter is published. Dokja then uses what he has learned from the book to his advantage, taking advantage of the world’s mysteries to improve his odds of surviving.

5. Reverse villain

This is another reason to read solo leveling manga. Reverse Villain is a distinctive manhwa that features a villain as the main character. Jung-woo, the protagonist, had one great ambition: to take control of and rule Murim. But sadly, Shin-Ryong, his foe, stops him from completing this job by forcing them to reincarnate together five times, with Shin-Ryong successfully stopping Jung-woo each time.

Since Murim is no longer a reality in the present, Jung-woo modifies his goal for the sixth rebirth. So, rather than concentrating on gaining national dominance, he concentrates on getting stronger so that he can finally defeat Shin-Ryong, his archenemy. Reverse Villain is a must-read for fans of Solo Leveling because it has a powerful lead character that is identical to Jin-woo from that game.

6. Gosu

Action-comedy series Gosu is known for its impressive combat scenes and expert martial artists. With his pudgy appearance and funny actions, the main character, Gang Ryong, initially gives the impression that he is a laid-back person until he unleashes a barrage of devastating moves that can flatten forests in a single blow. The mission assigned to Gang Ryong is to get revenge on his master, Dokgo Ryong, a strong martial artist known as the “Heavenly Destroyer.”

The last, most lethal weapon used by his master’s enemies to exact retribution after they betrayed and nearly murdered him was Gang Ryong. Gang was raised as a formidable protégé by Dokgo Ryong, who taught him every single lethal trick in his bag of tricks. Gosu and Solo Leveling both have overpowering main characters, therefore it’s interesting to compare the two.

7.  Tower of God

Tower of God

Lee Jong-Hwi, writing under the pen name SIU, is the author of the well-known manhwa Tower of God. The narrative began in 2010 and was turned into an anime in 2020. The series centres around a mystical, wish-granting tower that, for those who successfully mount it, holds enormous power and prosperity. Rachel befriends Twenty-Fifth Bam, the primary character with an undefined past, before she subsequently leaves him to explore the tower. Also check Mudae Bot

Since Rachel was Bam’s first buddy, he wanted to find her but was once more let down by her. As a result of this transformation, Bam is now on a different road as he seeks to control Shinsu, the tower’s underlying energy, as a strong irregular. Tower of God and its strong power system should be appealing to you if you enjoy solo levelling. This is another reason to read solo leveling manga.

8. Return of the disaster – Class Hero

Since the manhwa’s conclusion, which was published in 2018, Solo Leveling has been available. Return of the Disaster Class Hero is an essential read for readers hoping for a new manhwa with the same potential as Solo Leveling and a similarly strong protagonist.

The plot of the manhwa is full of deceit and betrayal, and Lee Gun makes a comeback to get revenge on his colleagues, the 12 saints who betrayed him by locking him up in a dungeon to battle creatures with extraordinary regenerative powers. Lee Gun emerged from the dungeon with enhanced abilities and a new appearance thanks to his strong willpower. Now that his teammates have caused him so much suffering, he plans to punish them harshly.

9. The Boxer

Since 2019, the manhwa The Boxer has been serialised on Webtoon. Yu, the story’s cool and gifted protagonist, is introduced to the boxing community. Due to his extraordinary skill and fighting prowess, Yu was able to overcome well-known, seasoned fighters despite being fresh to the sport. Similar to the well-known Saitama from the One-Punch Man series, K, Yu, who trains under the great boxing teacher, makes his way through the boxing world, defeating top-tier boxers with ease and finesse.

This is another reason to read solo leveling manga. The Boxer cleverly presents the harsh word v. raw talent ideal through the contrasting personalities in the narrative. Yu and Sung Jin-woo are similar in certain ways, but in the sports industry. Because of this similarity, you should add The Boxer to your list of books to read.

10. The Great Mage Returns after 4000 years

Based on the fantasy webnovel series with a cast of strong characters, The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years. The protagonist of the manhwa is Lucas Traumen, a nine-star wizard who, following his battle with Lord, is imprisoned in the abyss for 4000 years. Fortunately, he is able to reincarnate into Frey Blake’s body, who killed himself to end his horrible life.

Lucas then embarks on his new life with a new personality while preparing to match and eventually surpass his previous power level. However, the series’ adversaries, the Demi-gods, soon make another appearance. Lucas/Frey Blake is currently attempting to accelerate his development as a wizard while joining forces with strong forces to resist the threat posed by the Demi-gods in order to combat these strong beings. This story reminds me a lot of Sung Jin-from woo’s Solo Leveling and his fights with the Monarchs. Considering this, lovers of solo levelling should not miss The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years.

11. Eleced

A Webtoon series called Eleceed was created by Son Je-Ho and ZHENA. The world of Eleceed is populated by the awakened, or those with special powers who aren’t readily apparent to ordinary people. Ji-woo, the protagonist and a good-hearted young man who adores cats, has a talent regarding speed. He didn’t know they were people like him at first, until he encountered Kayden, a strong ranker in the guise of a cat.

Jiwoo soon finds himself in a different world—one that is filled with influential people and institutions—and that is the one to which he actually belonged. Ji-woo, who studied under Kayden and Curtin, prepares to be a strong awakened by utilising his exceptional speed-based methods. Action and humour are masterfully blended in Eleceed. The manhwa and Solo Leveling are pretty similar, however the manhwa also emphasises friendship. This is another reason to read solo leveling manga.

12. The legend of the Northern blade

A exciting tale loaded with amazing battles and skills, The Legend of the Northern Blade is similar to solo levelling. The manhwa tells the tale of Jin Mu-Won, also known as Northern Blade, who succeeds to his father’s position as generation sect leader of the Northern Heavenly Sect upon the latter’s passing. He was shown in the beginning as a guy who lacked riches and martial arts prowess. Jin Mu-Won was secretly practising the highly sought-after Gathering of Ten Shadows method when he assumed his dejected demeanour, which was actually a phoney mask he had made.

Years later, Jin Mu-Won emerges in the realm of Murim after completing his solitary training with the goal of overturning the Central Heavenly Alliance, a group whose corrupt and ambitious leaders were to blame for the death of Jin Mu-father. Won’s After solo levelling, you should read Northern Blade, which is an interesting book.

13. The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After The End & Solo Leveling are frequently contrasted because of their startling parallels, despite the fact that both stories are set in planets with different power structures. Based on TurtleMe’s webnovel, The Beginning After The End is a reincarnation tale. King Grey, who has been resurrected as the continent of Dicathen, appears in the narrative as Arthur Leywin.

This is another reason to read solo leveling manga. Arthur quickly understood the notion of mana in this new, fantastical world by using the knowledge from his previous life, which helped him grow into a strong magician at a young age. Your curiosity will be constantly piqued by the fantasy-infused story’s adventures, battles, and cast of colourful characters.

14. Second life Raker

The fantasy series Second Life Ranker has a lot in common with the Solo Leveling series. The manhwa, on the other hand, starts out on a terrible note. Yeon-woo, the main character, is forced to enter the Obelisk after receiving the unexpected news that his younger brother has passed away in order to learn more about the tower’s secrets and, eventually, the reason for his brother’s passing.

The Obelisk is a special tower that, when you climb it and embark on perilous journeys, endows you with magical skills. Yeon-woo eventually develops strong physical and magical talents, which illustrates the Solo Leveling cliche of the overpowering protagonist. For fans of solo levelling, Second Life Ranker is a must-read since it takes readers on experiences that are similar to solo levelling but take place in a different environment.

15. Nano Machine

A manhwa series called Nano Machine follows a protagonist who gains strength in a similar way to Sung Jin-Woo. The Nano Machine, a special power-up mechanism, was acquired by Cheon Yeo Woon from his enigmatic descendant at the beginning of the series. Cheon Yeo Woon really benefited from this “Nano Machine” in his martial arts education. This is another reason to read solo leveling manga.

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