Top 10 Great Reasons to Run a Technology Benefit In 2022

This post will explain reasons to run a technology benefit. Great reasons to run a technology benefit will be described in this article. Want to raise the number of people who enrol in your employee benefits programme?

Employee involvement in your benefits and rewards programme is essential for luring, keeping, and inspiring the finest employees since it shows that they value the perks you are providing. According to research, employees are less likely to leave you for another company the more integrated they are with their current organisation (i.e., the more they sign up for internal programmes). These tried-and-true programmes are known to support employee engagement within a bigger benefits package you could be providing.

A genuinely thrilling staff perk…

With a technology benefit, you can give employees the newest, most in-demand tech items while spreading the expense over their salaries. Employees consent to forego or “swap” a portion of their pre-tax pay in exchange for the technology items of their choosing, in addition to realising further National Insurance savings.

“The Let’s Connect Technology Benefit Outcomes have been a huge success. The ability to provide our employees with the newest home technology has resulted in tremendous take-up, boosting morale and ensuring that we continue to attract and hire the best talent.

Top 10 Great Reasons to run a Technology Benefit In 2022

Top 10 Great Reasons to run a Technology Benefit are explained here.

1. Drives employee engagement

Drives employee engagement

Our benefits are appealing to everyone, regardless of age group within the workforce. With employees becoming engaged and enthusiastic about the programme and realising the advantages of receiving cutting-edge technology in a convenient arrangement through their salary, clients experience strong take-up rates.

Did you understand that according to a Glassdoor poll, four out of five employees would choose new or enhanced perks over a wage raise, with technology-related benefits being some of the most useful additions to an effective incentive strategy. With all the hype surrounding our technology scheme, clients benefit from increases in employee satisfaction and engagement. This is another reasons to run a technology benefit

Do you offer your employees a wonderful working environment? In our guide, you may learn more about the significance of employee experience. Forget about Engagement; focus instead on the Employee Experience.

“After working with Let’s Connect for many years to run technology programmes, we were thrilled with the results in terms of employee engagement. The programme continues to be a crucial component of our employee benefits strategy and generates substantial savings for the health board and its staff.

Senior Benefits Manager at Hywel Dda University Health Board Andrea Thomas

2. Low cost, low admin and easy to implement

There are no setup fees for the programme, and we offer a comprehensive implementation service free of charge, along with a variety of excellent marketing materials. Let’s Connect also fully manages the programme, requiring little administrative assistance from your company. You may be confident that all employee data is protected because we have also received HMRC approval and complete accreditation by ISO 27001.

3. Stand out from the crowd – Attract and retain the best talent

Offering innovative benefits that are genuinely appreciated by your staff demonstrates how forward-thinking and committed your company is to the total employee experience. This enhances your employee value proposition and makes it easier to recruit and retain the best employees. After a scheme launch, our clients report significant gains in this area.

This is another reasons to run a technology benefit Read our guide if you want advice on how to improve the employee experience you provide. Put engagement aside and consider your approach to employee experience.

“We’ve had tremendous take up, which has improved morale, decreased sickness, and guaranteed we continue to retain and attract the very finest nurses — we couldn’t ask for more!”

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust’s Amir Ali, Head of Employee Benefits and Engagement

4. Great range of products – most popular benefit

According to a recent employee study by Let’s Connect, 77% of respondents selected technology as their preferred employee benefit. There is something for everyone in our complete selection, which includes hundreds of desired items from top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, HP, and many others, including tablets, laptops, smartphones, TVs, fitness wearables, and Smart Home gadgets. Visit our developments page to understand more about the offerings.

5. Cost neutral Schemes

You’ve probably all heard of some of the most extravagant employee perks provided by Silicon Valley companies with huge budgets. Some employee benefits are pricey and unlikely to have a long-lasting effect on your staff, ranging from limitless vacation time to saunas in the workplace.

A technology programme not only provides a wide variety of the newest items and gives workers long-lasting satisfaction, but it is also inexpensive for the company to set up. The programme is affordable to run for all organisations because there is no setup fee and no ongoing maintenance expense.

Looking for ideas on what perks to provide when funds are limited but you still need to entice and keep the top employees? Read our article on the top 5 perks that will make your staff happy. as well as your finance manager. Also check tech stack.

6. Promotes health and wellbeing

Promotes health and wellbeing

Do you want your staff to move around more? A notable emphasis that has drawn the attention of so many of us is health and fitness, which has grown to be both a huge trend and a popular topic. Companies must support their employees in promoting a healthy lifestyle, especially in light of the abundance of information in the media on how to improve health and fitness. This is another reasons to run a technology benefit

The technology of a wide range of health and fitness goods, including fitness watches and trackers, plays a significant role in assisting with this. The advantages of our technology are a fantastic method for businesses to encourage a healthy lifestyle and a better work-life balance for their staff.

7. Supports agendas for digital inclusion and financial wellbeing

Our programme promotes both health and wellbeing as well as national ambitions for greater digital inclusion. Over 70% of scheme participants reported improved IT abilities in a recent poll.

By making the newest technology accessible to all employees through salary sacrifice, technology programmes also help with financial welfare. Did you know that 88% of respondents to a survey indicated they could not afford to acquire the technology equipment outright and that they would not have done so elsewhere.

“I wouldn’t have stood able to purchase my laptop without SWBH Benefits. I can’t imagine living without it now. Without the plan, I wouldn’t have been able to buy it outright.

Participating Employee, NHS Trust of Sandwell and West Birmingham

8. Helps drive your digital transformation strategy

Digital transformation is an organisational shift intended to create a fresh, long-lasting competitive edge by utilising technology to increase productivity and efficiency. A digital culture that promotes creativity, cooperation, a “digital-first” approach, agility and adaptability, and encourages experimentation is necessary for transformation to be effective.

An organization’s digital transformation strategy can include a technology employee benefit to help foster this digital culture. The advantages are clear, whether it’s facilitating remote learning, fostering teamwork by keeping staff connected via personal devices, or simply raising overall levels of digital literacy among employees.

This is another reasons to run a technology benefit In a recent employee survey, 70.3% of respondents claimed that the technology plan has improved the IT skills of them, their family, or both. Margaret bought a laptop through our technology programme…

“I have access to information about my job role and can complete my required training from home.

I use it to make reports, respond to emails, and assist my kids with their homework. It has aided in increasing the effectiveness of my workday.

Participating Employee, NHS Trust of Sandwell and West Birmingham

Would it be helpful for your business to benefit employee IT literacy, foster better technology-enabled collaboration, and give workers more flexibility in their job and training? Make sure you stay ahead of the digital revolution by reading our guide to digital transformation.

9. Easily integrated with benefits platforms and hubs

The majority of employee benefits are included in a larger rewards package. Ours is simple to administer and integrates with the most recent employee benefit platforms and hubs, offering everything from straightforward intranet links to full 2-way “Single Sign On” authentication for an effortless user experience. This is another reasons to run a technology benefit

10. Easy to implement – no lengthy procurement

Our team has been offering programmes for over 15 years, and our long list of clients includes businesses in the public and private sectors. We also adhere to the most recent national guidelines, which streamline the procurement process for the public sector.

We’ll even give you a Business Case document to help you get started with implementing a tech benefit for your company. Request your thorough “done for you” business case template by filling out the form below. Include a few details unique to your company, and we’ll be pleased to assist you in putting the finishing communications on the document for internal review.

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